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Courier Exchange helps Dortudor Dot Com develop important contacts with other businesses

Retirement prompted Mike Tudor to look at launching a new career as a courier and Courier Exchange has helped him make it a great success.

As a 62-year-old, Birmingham-based Mike set up Dortudor Dot Com and is enjoying a successful second career operating in his extra long wheel base Mercedes Sprinter.

His route into courier work came when he answered a local newspaper advert recruiting drivers. After being advised what van to buy, he worked for the company for a year and learnt the essentials of the industry before setting up on his own.

After starting Dortudor Dot Com, he joined Courier Exchange, the world’s largest trading hub for the sameday courier and express freight industry, which has been pivotal in helping him establish contacts and pick up business.

Courier Exchange has helped Dortudor Dot Com develop important contacts with other businesses. The business is incredibly versatile can deliver everything from supermarket chairs to designers’ artwork.

Coupled with his own determination and high standards of customer service, Mike said that Courier Exchange had played an important role in helping him establish a solid reputation in the industry.

"It originated about three years ago and it has helped generate work and establish contacts," he said. "Within the first week of joining the amount of work generated covered all of my joining and membership costs and I thought ‘this is fantastic’."

Courier Exchange is run by the Transport Exchange Group and members are able to trade loads and journeys and to source available or part-filled vehicles returning to base. Users with more freight than they can carry post the load on the site, and those with spare capacity register its availability. Transactions are then made between parties involved.

Their efficiency is enhanced by enabling them to reduce the number of empty vehicles they run, making each journey more profitable although Mike said he is still to benefit from this. The Exchange’s collaborative approach does however have potential dual benefits, helping the bottom line by enabling them to share the cost burden of rising fuel prices, congestion charging and meeting onerous legislation. It also helps subscribers meet customers’ demand for carbon-efficient transport.

Other benefits of membership include a mobile solution enabling them to access the exchange while on the road, and a sophisticated online system which facilitates electronic trading, from order confirmation to invoice approval and payment.

Transport Exchange Group’s services are also the most secure in the industry. Operators are only allowed onto the site after undergoing and passing rigorous checks, including operator licence, insurance and credit checks. Members also provide feedback on performance and payment using TEG’s bespoke ratings system. These security features enable members to do business in absolute confidence.

Courier Exchange is uniquely fully managed with support staff available to help subscribers maximise the benefits of using it. It is this high level of customer service that helps differentiate the Transport Exchange Group from other online freight exchanges.

Subscribers also only pay an up-front subscription fee – there are no pay-as-you-go charges or commissions charged.

Mike added: ""Courier Exchange has provided me with a lot of contacts and work with such as Nova Express who are on the Haulage Exchange, although the original contact was made through the Courier Exchange which is great."

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