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Courier Logistics offers eBay traders access to door-to-door UK wide next day parcel delivery

Courier Logistics has gone live with a revolutionary web-based system that offers eBay traders and small and new businesses access to door-to-door UK-wide next day parcel delivery. Customers throughout Yorkshire needing cost-effective one-off parcel delivery simply log-on to the Courier Logistics website to use the NetDespatch Velocity eTrader system for easy pricing and booking of doorstep collections. Customers simply pay for the service using PayPal or a credit or debit card.

"We are delighted to be able to offer the eTrader facility to new customers who need a one-off or low-volume next day parcel service, which allows them to send consignments to anywhere in the UK using the APC Overnight network. The system is very easy to use and allows customers to quickly get a quotation for mileage and weight, book a collection and then pay for it online from the comfort of their own homes or offices," says Paul Johnson, Director, Courier Logistics.

Courier Logistics sees eTrader as a great opportunity for extending nationwide next day deliveries to help new and smaller businesses as well as private individuals provide improved customer service levels.

"With eTrader, new customers gain the advantage of being able to use the largest UK-wide parcel service without having to set up an account. This is breaking new ground for low-volume traceable parcel shipping services and we feel it could help new businesses to quickly gain credibility with their clients by offering a quality cost-effective next-day service for delivering any type of consignments whether they are goods or documents. This system will enable them to reassure their clients that they will receive their items on the very next day," says Paul Johnson.

"Also, eBay traders no longer need to make special trips to the Post Office. Instead they can enter their details into the system to get an accurate cost for delivery and then book a doorstep collection. This will allow them to be sure that they are charging enough to cover shipping costs. It also means that they can send the items that day for overnight delivery – all adding to positive feedback from their customers," he adds.

eTrader is part of the NetDespatch Velocity ‘on demand’ applications platform and adds to the wide range of NetDespatch web services that courier and distribution companies can provide to their customers, depots and suppliers. These include intuitive web booking, systems integration, pre-labelling, address management, mileage and weight based pricing, manifests, event tracking, management reporting, POD management, mobile data and eCommerce solutions. The services are all provided in real-time and fully integrated with other systems such as sales order processing, warehouse management and e-shopping carts.

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