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Covert tracking system revolutionises vehicle safety and efficiency

Businesses with fleets of any size are set to benefit from a simple and effective vehicle tracking solution supplied by leading firm CMS Global Technologies.

SupaTrak Solo is the ideal solution where assets need to be temporarily tracked and no external power source is available.

The compact Solo device can be covertly attached to any steel surface using its powerful built-in magnets and will allow staff to keep tabs on the vehicle, trailer, container or any other asset via the SupaTrak web-based tracking system.

It allows companies to track items easily but without the high costs associated with a fixed installation. There are a number of organisational bonuses to asset tracking, such as directing shipments and planning deliveries, as well as surveillance and security benefits.

Solo has a number of state-of-the art features, such as a built-in GPS and GSM antenna, variable tracking intervals ranging from once a day to once a minute, a fully weatherproof case and unlimited access to the easy-to-use web-based mapping.

SupaTrak Solo is secure too. The unit features a built-in tamper switch which immediately sends out notification if it is removed.

Jason Airey, Managing Director, CMS Global Technologiges commented: “This is an ideal solution for businesses that need temporary tracking for their assets without the cost and commitment of a full system.

“But even though it is simple and effective Solo still offers the finest tracking technology in the UK through the leading SupaTrak system.

For an online demonstration please call 0844 477 4870 or log on at www.supatrak.com for further information.

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