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Craemer launch the new lightweight D Plastic Pallet with exceptionally high loading capacity

Craemer announce the launch of its new versatile, lightweight D range of plastic pallets weighing in at only 15kg, making it easy and safe to manually handle or integrated into storage systems that require high loading capacities and can also contribute to significant cost savings in transport.

Manufactured from a high quality HDPE virgin grade red/brown material or quality regenerated black plastic, the D pallet is designed to minimise dirt traps. The standard 1200 x 1000mm D pallet from Craemer is available with 3 or 5 runners and features a 7mm upper deck rim, with the option to customise to include a 22mm rim. The wide variety of upgradeable configuration options enables pallets to be transformed into a bespoke, highly rated load carrier with RFID tracking – suitable for all individual requirements.

With the low cost entry level version available from only £25.00, the new D pallet offers exceptional quality at an exceptional price!

The load capacity in two beam pallet racking can be achieved in excess of 1000 kg by using the unique re-inforcement profile options in either sprung steel or glass fibre materials, providing the optimum rigidity and strength with a long service life.

Craemer are so confident in the strength and durability of the lightweight D pallet, it is prepared to supply sample pallets for demonstration and evaluation using customers own products.

Contact the company for further details of the new D plastic pallet range or visit the website www.craemer.com

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