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Critical logistics survey helps automotive firms plan for unexpected

New survey scheme identifies best strategies for emergency component shipment in the event of failure in the logistics chain
Supply chains for the automotive industry are becoming increasingly long and complex as the industry reduces inventories and sources more components from low cost producers. This approach delivers inexpensive, high quality vehicles, but longer supply chains carry an increased risk of costly supply interruption. Now a UK company is offering a free service that can help automotive companies to minimise the impact of upstream problems.

The new Critical Logistics Survey, developed by automotive emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical, helps car makers to develop robust contingency plans for the delivery of essential components if their standard processes fail, or if they are too slow to meet production demands. High speed alternative transport options can cut days from conventional delivery schedules, helping the supply chain to overcome transport, quality or production problems without knock-on effects on downstream production.

By identifying the airports and helipads nearest to supplier manufacturing faculties, and understanding which of the local roads are prone to congestion, Evolution Time Critical can assess in advance the best strategies for extracting a shipment. With this knowledge of the local transport options, the most rapid and cost-effective method of transport can be immediately called upon whenever conventional logistics cannot deliver.

“When customers call us, they often need a delivery to be made in a matter of hours,” says managing director Brad Brennan. “If we already know the best alternative delivery strategies, then we can reduce further the amount of time it takes us to respond. The greater the understanding we have of a customer's supply chain, the faster we can react and the smaller the impact of that disruption will be.”

About Evolution Time Critical
Evolution Time Critical is exclusively dedicated to the provision of emergency logistics solutions for the automotive industry. Its expertise helps clients to overcome supply problems caused by manufacturing issues, scheduling changes or conventional transport delays, keeping production lines running and customers delighted.

Evolution Time Critical manages the full range of critical delivery modes, including aircraft charter, helicopters, onboard couriers, a dedicated 100 aircraft night freighter service covering 70 European airports, scheduled aircraft, and rapid road transport with local vehicles.

Over the past five years, Evolution Time Critical has worked miracles for many of the World's leading automotive OEMs, and numerous first and second tier suppliers.

Evolution Time Critical's supply chain risk survey helps car makers to identify weaknesses in their inbound logistics processes and develops strategies to overcome problems if they occur.


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