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Curtis Instruments Introduces New enGage™ Series Gauges

Instrumentation technology has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of the CE and UL approved Curtis enGage Series, offering important new capabilities to the industrial I.C and Electric vehicle marketplace.

The comprehensive range consists of enGage II, III and 1V, covering the full range of industrial vehicle instrumentation needs from generators to sophisticated material handling equipment. The multi-functional gauges can be bulk ordered as blanks, then user customised with the desired capabilities, from tachometers and fuel gauges to temperature and field programmable maintenance monitoring. More than 10 functions can be selected in virtually any combination an OEM or reseller desires.

enGage™ gauges offer significant potential for volume savings. One basic shape accommodates every function within each series and the fully sealed gauges are designed to snap into a panel with a bracket, eliminating screws or other hardware, simplifying the manufacturing process. Because all vehicles get the same cut-out, punch and bracket, OEMs can build more efficiently and get products to market faster, at lower cost.

Unique features
In addition to extreme ease of installation, Curtis enGage™ Series gauges offer non-volatile memory and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Capabilities include:
• Field programmable maintenance monitoring
• time of day clock
• settable hour meter
• customized combinations of bar gage and numeric
• backlit LCD for easy reading in all light conditions

While the dual function enGage II can replace two instruments with one, the enGage III can replace three instruments with one and adds up to 8 icons. The gauge is fully customisable, not only in choice of functions, but also in the icon graphic, which can be customised to any image the manufacturer desires, including logos.

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