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Camso releases the new anti static non merking forklift tyre

Customers welcome Camso’s new anti-static forklift tire solution to solve potential safety issues

Camso releases the new Solideal PON 775 NMAS—the world’s first tire to prevent static build-up on non-marking tires—during this year’s CeMAT Show in Hannover, Germany.

CeMAT is the world’s leading intralogistics and supply chain management trade fair. “Over the course of the week, we had a chance to talk with customers and exhibitors about industry trends and the mobility challenges the market is facing,” says Thierry Miche, Product Line Executive Director – Material Handling at Camso. “Beyond automatization, ergonomics and storage optimization, a popular topic was safety and the high demands for productivity,”

During the show, Camso unveiled the first patented non-marking anti-static (NMAS) press-on tire to resolve the important safety issue of static electricity generated by non-marking tires. “Static build-up on non-marking tires is well-known in the industry, and we’re taking it seriously. By tackling the accumulation of static electricity on non-marking forklift tires, we’re resolving potential safety issues for operators, as well as preventing facility damage,” adds Miche.

Nearly half of all forklifts equipped with press-ons operate on non-marking tires, and the revolutionary Solideal PON 775 NMAS tire is overcoming the challenges of the most demanding environments such as the pulp and paper and carpet industries where static can cause major problems. Indeed, the new press-on solution was also designed for specific applications where the combination of high loads and increased duty cycles may cause thermal failure, and where high amounts of static are generated.

“The need for conductive non-marking tires came up during a product review with a customer, and since its development, the tire has generated great enthusiasm among key players in the industry,” explains Miche. “The new Solideal PON 775 NMAS has been in the field overcoming static-related issues since October 2015 with a leading company in the North American pulp and paper sector. In addition to grounding static build-up, it’s shown long tire life and increased heat resistance,” continues Miche.

It was pivotal for Camso not only to bring to market the first patented conductive non-marking forklift tire, but also to make no compromise on product performance or lifespan. The company opted for rubber compounds that provide no trade-off on other performance aspects like the cut-and-tear resistance commonly required in high intensity environments. After dozens of iterations in design, thousands of hours of engineering, validating and testing, Camso is eager to bring the Solideal PON 775 NMAS to market.

Camso has had a patent on this anti-static non-marking technology since 2009.

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