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Cycle-friendly HGV sat-nav being backed by FTA as part of improving safety on roads

As part of its continuing efforts to raises safety standards in the logistics industry, FTA has announced that it is now providing the world’s first satellite navigation system incorporating an HGV Cyclist Alert system.

The Pro Nav 420’s HGV Cyclist Alert warns the driver when approaching a section of road that has been designated by TfL as a "HGV/Cyclist convergence area", which are locations such as junctions where large numbers of HGVs and cyclists are present on the roads. Pro Nav 420 (which is available from ShopFTA) notifies drivers with both a visual map overlay displaying a 50-metre radius hotspot zone, and an audible alert when entering this zone to remind them to take extra care.

FTA’s Head of Urban Logistics Policy Christopher Snelling commented "The majority of incidents between cyclists and lorries happen at junctions, so something that draws the drivers’ attention to the issue at the most significant locations is potentially highly useful. We urge our members to consider fitting these new sat navs when they upgrade their systems.

Mr Snelling added: "Many of these kind technological fixes are being added to vehicles all the time as operators continue to work to improve the industry’s safety record. But they will only ever be part of the solution to making our roads a safer place for all users. For the road haulage industry, driver vigilance at all times will always remain the most important factor. Cyclists also have an important role to play in improving road safety."

Currently the system covers only London, but FTA hopes that if successful it will be rolled out across the UK and beyond.

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