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DAF focuses on ATe programme

For DAF Trucks, the Bedrijfsauto RAI 2012 exhibition, which is to be held in Amsterdam from 17 to 21 April, is all about Advanced Transport Efficiency (ATe); a complete range of solutions to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions and improve truck efficiency. Alongside the CF85 and XF105 ATe Edition models, DAF will be showcasing developments that form part of its ATe philosophy, including an aerodynamic body for the LF distribution truck and a new lightweight tandem axle.

DAF launched its ATe programme in the summer of 2011 with the introduction of a large number of enhancements to the 12.9-litre PACCAR MX engine. These enhancements, including new pistons, optimised fuel injection and a unique, fully encapsulated exhaust manifold unit, ensures 3% lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. The range of transmissions has also been expanded with the addition of new manual and automatic 12-speed gearboxes, which allows the driveline to be even more effectively tailored to the specific use of the vehicle. In addition, the engine in the CF and XF105 models switches off automatically after five minutes of idling, and the maximum speed is limited to 85 instead of 89 km/h, which saves an additional 2 to 3% fuel in the international transport sector. In order to raise the driver’s awareness of the importance of driving efficiently, extensive information on the current and achieved fuel consumption is provided on the central display on the dashboard as a standard. But ATe is about much more than just fuel consumption, as is proven by the new maintenance-free batteries that are installed as standard in the CF and XF for a longer service life, lower operational costs and a lower impact on the environment.

ATe Editions
The CF85 and XF105 ATe Edition models that form part of DAF’s ATe programme are special versions that have been fully optimised for low fuel consumption. They are equipped with a complete set of side skirts, roof spoilers and side fenders, tyres with a low rolling resistance and adaptive cruise control. An AS Tronic automated gearbox with a shifting strategy fully optimised for fuel consumption is fitted as standard, which only allows the driver to change gear himself when manoeuvring or using the PACCAR engine brake. All CF85 and XF105 ATe Edition models also come with DAF EcoDrive driver training, which, in practice, permanently reduces actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 3 to 5% on average.

LF45 Aero body
Alongside the CF85 and XF105 ATe Edition models, an LF45 distribution truck with the PACCAR Aero body will also be on show at the BedrijfsautoRAI. This aerodynamic body is delivered in the UK ex-works, and DAF is keen to use the opportunity presented by the BedrijfsautoRAI to gauge the level of interest in the Dutch market. The PACCAR Aero body is different because of its upward-sloping roof fairing, which gently slopes down again in the middle at the rear of the vehicle. The LF45 Aero body is supplied together with a specially developed set of spoilers and fenders, which ensure that the
cabin is fully integrated with the body itself. These features reduce fuel consumption and CO2 by up to 8% at cruising speeds.

New lightweight tandem
Making its debut at BedrijfsautoRAI is the new DAF SR1360T tandem axle, which is also perfectly aligned with the aims of the DAF ATe programme. The tandem axle is 375 kilograms lighter than the existing tandem axle with hub reduction, and it saves more than 5% on fuel. It was primarily developed for heavy applications in which double drive is required, but with limited off-road driving. There are two variants of the new tandem axle, with technical load capacities of either 21 or 26 tonnes for a total towable weight of up to 70 tonnes. For special applications, the GCW can be as high as 120 tonnes. Alongside reductions in fuel consumption and weight, maintenance costs for the new tandem are also lower, as the rear axle oil only requires replacement once every three years or every 450,000 kilometres.

Euro 6
DAF is, of course, working on developing Euro 6 and has the technology it needs at its fingertips. DAF has already been supplying 12.9-litre PACCAR MX engines to its sister brands Kenworth and Peterbilt since the summer of 2010. These engines conform to the North American EPA10 emissions standard, which is closely related to Euro 6. PACCAR MX engines for North America are equipped with SCR technology, exhaust gas recirculation and a soot filter. Based on its considerable experience with EPA10 in North America, DAF is making the best choices in order to achieve maximum reliability, low fuel consumption and excellent performance. Technologies that DAF introduced in the context of ATe, as well as new developments, are also being used. DAF never targets to be the first on the market with a new technology as one of its primary aims instead it is taking its time in order to ensure that the Euro 6 requirements are met in the best way possible. DAF sees no reason to rush to introduce Euro 6, considering that there is still only limited demand for it in the market and the technology it requires is considerably more complex, and therefore also much more expensive, both to buy and to maintain. For this reason, DAF has developed and refined its tested Euro 5 EEV technology, as can be seen in the engine enhancements introduced as part of the ATe programme.

Product enhancements
At the BedrijfsautoRAI, DAF will be exhibiting a new generation of seats for the CF and XF105, developed for maximum comfort and ease of use. As these seats can be adjusted along a length of 220 millimetres, by 145 millimetres in height and to a 53-degree angle, the seat has a wide range of settings to ensure that the driver enjoys the best possible seating position and a high level of comfort. The seat belts, which have an adjustable shoulder height (60 mm), also help to make the driver more comfortable. To create good ventilation in the cabin, the permeability of the materials used was an important factor in the design. Logically positioned, attractively designed, robust handles have been fitted to ensure that the truck is as easy to operate as possible. Two-step heating is available as an option. The new seats are upholstered in a warm, textured dark-grey fabric, with the same pattern also used on the XF105 door panels.

For the CF series, the door panels have been redesigned to create even more space between the seats and the doors, which can be used, for example, for tipper or loading system vents. The new door panel has an attractive, contemporary design, incorporating a decorative stripe with a silver DAF logo and a mixed light and dark colour scheme. A long, wide integrated armrest is fitted as standard, along with a large storage compartment. Air vents for warm or cool air positioned along the bottom of the door windows ensure that both the driver and co-driver are kept comfortable. A new air vent has been fitted at the bottom of the panel to provide additional heating for the footwell area.

To further reduce susceptibility to damage, new mud guards have been installed on in the design of the CF and XF105 series. The mud guards comprise three separate parts, and the uppermost part can be easily removed, while the outermost parts remain at a lower height than the chassis. This positioning means that they are no longer susceptible to damage from the trailer, which can sometimes occur when driving on and off loading docks or ships. The mud guards have also been designed so that they protect the new rear light units.

DAF in the Europahal
The DAF stand is prominently located at the top of the Europahal. It is 800 m2 and will accommodate six vehicles:

LF series:
FA LF45.160
4×2 hybrid rigid with day cabin
FA LF45.210
4×2 rigid with day cabin and Aero body (ATe)

CF series:
FAD CF85.460
8×4 rigid with day cabin and VDL hook-lift loading system
FT CF85.460 ATe Edition
4×2 tractor with Space Cab cabin (ATe)

XF series:
FTT XF105.460
6×4 tractor with Space Cab and new lightweight tandem axle (ATe)
FT XF105.460/510
4×2 tractor with Super Space Cab

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