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Darcica Logistics saves carbon and cash with electric strategy

Darcica Logistics saves carbon and cash with electric strategy

Bicester-based Diamond Network Partner – Darcica Logistics – has won a prestigious Green Award for saving 45 tonnes of carbon and £21,000 per year at the Oxfordshire Business Awards 2022.

Its commitment to electric vehicles – which captured the attention of judges – keeps fuel costs down, reduces pollution for the local community and guarantees efficient access to Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone.

The Diamond Logistics Network model is wholly aligned with consolidation and load maximisation. Efficient planning via its bespoke Despatchlab technology platform means journeys can be routed to match electric fleet requirements, taking re-charge and distance into account.

The winning team, led by founder Anthony Tattersall, joined the Diamond Network in November 2021 to add Sameday, Fulfilment and Express Parcels to its existing business. The operation includes over 50 drivers and two large depots in Bicester.

Anthony – who considers Diamond’s IT support as being critical to the growth of his business – was delighted with the win, saying “I couldn’t have dreamed of winning this award having only started the business two years ago, almost to the day. It’s recognition for all the hard work and dedication of the whole team at Darcica.”

Kate Lester, CEO and founder of Diamond Logistics, recognises the achievement, “Anthony and the Darcica team have clearly demonstrated that small logistics operators can be leaders in carbon reduction. I would describe what Anthony has done as a ‘model’ for other businesses in the sector. Well done.”

Darcica is one of the first companies to successfully achieve the Mission Zero Standard in Diamond’s nationwide network. Within just 18 months of start-up, the company has been able to demonstrate true commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, leading the way in lowering the industry’s carbon footprint.

Investment in electric vehicles

Darcica Logistics’ investments in electric initiatives to reduce carbon within the business include:

  • Small fleet of electric company cars
  • Investment in a fully electric 3.5 tonne Luton Maxus body curtain e-deliver 9, the first electric vehicle in his nationwide network. (Anticipated mileage is 12,000 per annum resulting in an estimated 5.71 tonne Co2e savings each year.)
  • The conscious acquisition of two electric forklifts to help meet net zero ambitions. According to Anthony, for every 10,000 hours of use, ICE-powered forklifts emit 120,000 more pounds of carbon emissions than electric forklifts.

Darcica also matches Diamond’s network-wide carbon reduction goals and initiatives which include:

  • Using local consolidation hubs
  • Utilisation of the spare capacity of existing express parcel delivery networks
  • Via Despatchlab, the company maximise efficiency by tracking vehicles and utilising return loads
  • Minimal use of single use plastics

“Government has been slow to develop a charging point network to facilitate easy adoption of electric vehicles,” adds Kate. “Darcica has created a workable strategy in spite of this, which is supported by the Despatchlab platform. At Diamond, we reward and recognise this type of best practice through our Awards scheme. It’s also something we’ll be promoting across our nationwide network.”

A new lease of life with vehicle conversion

A recently-purchased 18 tonne curtain sider – which has already been in operation for nine years – is due to be converted to electric within the next 12 months. Averaging 17,000 miles per year, this upgrade will not only result in a yearly £11,000 fuel saving and zero emissions (saving 23.4 tonne CO2e) it will save the vehicle from the scrap yard, reducing landfill, adding seven years to its lifespan.

The business is also working towards its ISO accreditations including Environmental Management 14001/Quality Management 9001 and the new carbon management specification: PAS 2080 – the world’s first standard for managing infrastructure carbon which will be pivotal in helping companies like Darcica reduce carbon use and costs.

During the pandemic, the UK got a glimpse of what cleaner roads could look like. Darcica Logistics is now playing its part in a greener, cleaner future. As UK shippers take responsibility and make choices to improve air quality – like Darcica have – the Diamond Logistics team sit proudly behind them.

To find out more about how joining a nationwide network like Diamond Logistics could support your business as it grows – from IT to finance– call 0333 567 5888.

More about Diamond Logistics

Diamond Logistics is a delivery and fulfilment operation powered by despatchlab technology.

Working with a passionate and talented network of professionals and service centres across the country, Diamond Logistics makes sure packages get where they’re needed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes grow, scale and flourish.
The company was founded in 1992 by Kate Lester to help SMEs with their delivery and storage needs. With Kate still at the helm, Diamond has embraced new technological solutions to grow and improve its services.

Contact Diamond Logistics

For enquiries about Diamond Logistics services: info@diamondlogistics.co.uk or call 0333 567 5888


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