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David looks for the ‘blue’ stuff at Extract

Company saviour David’s search for performance enhancing powders droops but makes his search for the perfect ERP business solution absolutely rock solid.

In Box Clever, the sixth installment of this hilarious and highly entertaining spoof series ‘The Factory’, our hapless hero finds a performance enhancing ERP system instead of what he’s looking for to help him in the trouser department.

He can hardly ‘contain’ his excitement about finding yet another SYSPRO ERP system that is helping to control costs and hit targets during a visit to Extract Technology – the leading UK-based supplier of high quality, turnkey containment systems for the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech markets.

All is revealed by visiting www.k3scs.com/thefactory

In this episode, the penny drops for David that an ERP – not an ‘Urp’ as our boss so often refers to Enterprise Resource Planning systems – is a key management tool for many firms. Extract Technology is no different in putting a user-friendly SYSPRO ERP business system to good use in driving its business forward.

In a nutshell, Extract Technology is renowned for its product range and has an expanding aftermarket division that is growing by 10 per cent year-on-year. The success has been supported by SYSPRO, the ERP system that was supplied by K3 Business Technology Group (K3) in just under three months.

Jason Armitage, Chief Financial Officer of Extract Technology explains to David. "We saw this as a chance to implement a powerful solution that would provide us with greater control over our business processes. SYSPRO helps to create the quote and streamlines the entire process through to dispatch and cash collection. Visibility of information is much clearer than it has ever been. At a press of a button, we have access to a visual representation allowing us to see how our costs are tracking directly in SYSPRO. It is so flexible, allowing us to develop our processes as we need to – it is a system that moves along with us."

Other episodes of The Factory series can be found at: http://www.k3scs.com/thefactory

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