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Davies & Robson reports profound shift in logistics recruitment market

Davies & Robson is reporting a profound shift in the logistics recruitment market, with good quality candidates now ‘holding all the aces’.

According to John Cashmore, Director of Davies & Robson’s recruitment division, recent months have seen ‘significant and rapid changes’ in the market for hiring talent, with demand outstripping supply and fierce competition for good candidates.

This is in contrast to several years in which many job seekers have already been out of work, resulting in employers believing that they can ‘take their pick’. In turn, this has led to a lack of focus on the recruitment process, with candidates forced to make do with basic company and role briefings, multiple interview scheduling changes, long processes with delays, and a general lack of communication.

But, according to Cashmore, there are clear signs of a shift in the balance of power. He says: "There has been an increase in the amount of information candidates require before agreeing to attend an interview – they are also more likely to query commuting times, need more defined package details and are generally being more discerning in their approach to joining a hiring process.

"If the process is sluggish, we’re also beginning to see candidates withdrawing in favour of alternatives, with the best receiving multiple or counter offers."

With this in mind, Cashmore offers the following advice to recruiters:
. Draw up a clear role brief and determine its flexibility and parameters
. Give some thought to who would want the role and why they’d be interested in the position and company
. Determine an interview schedule and clear potential interview dates and diaries in advance
. Consider who, with the capability of selling the company and enthusing about the role, will conduct the first round of interviews
. Be prepared to offer evenings and mutually convenient interview locations for first interviews.
. Consider whether you are prepared to pay interview expenses and, if so, for which stages. Also consider whether first round interviews could be conducted by video conference if necessary, e.g., if the candidate is overseas.
. Define a remuneration package outlining all the elements
. Prepare candidate briefing documentation including role, structure and company detail
. Prepare template offer documentation

Clarify the offer and decision making process:
ensure all the relevant parties are available to make an offer decision
agree the timescales that are going to be communicated to candidates
Cashmore concludes: "A mindset of selling the business to sought-after talent, along with a slick selection and offer process is crucial to attracting and securing the best candidates – if the information and process isn’t up to scratch, they can and will go elsewhere."

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