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Davies Turner delivers for UK retailers opening up overseas

With many UK retailers, not least in the fashion industry looking to
export markets for expansion, a leading British logistics company says
it has developed a complete support package which meets all their supply
chain requirements.

Davies Turner’s head of retail development, Dave O’Brien says that the
company has recently been inundated with requests for rates and
schedules from UK retailers joining the rush to open stores across
Europe and beyond, for replenishing stock in their international stores.

"Keeping ahead of the competition and maximising margins particularly in
fashion retailing demands an agile supply chain capable of delivering
rapid store replenishment," says O’Brien.

"We now have a system in place that can deliver from a supplier’s UK
distribution centre directly to the shop overseas, without passing
through another distribution hub. This is especially important when
fashion retailers move out of their comfort zone to develop new markets
and sales channels.

"This move to open stores overseas, as well as channel proliferation, is
adding pressure to the already hyper-competitive apparel market
—characterised by seasonal merchandise with short cycles, fickle
consumers, and fierce price scrutiny.

"We have therefore developed reliable, competitive and optimal supply
chains that allow apparel retailers and their suppliers to meet these
challenges, while still satisfying the standard requirement to keep
costs under control and deliver the right products to the right place at
the right time."

For clients from the fashion logistics world opening stores outside the
UK, Davies Turner offers the full range of multimodal freight services
covering both full loads and worldwide groupage consolidations, with
regional warehousing hubs, plus (internet) order-sorting and fulfilment
where required.

This is combined with the company’s own supply chain management system
from purchase order to final delivery- P2D. The capacity to develop and
integrate its own software with bought-in or customised products results
in real savings, as does the ability to combine both 3PL and 4PL roles.

Underpinning these systems is the company’s network of 20 branches
covering the U.K and all Ireland, which offers daily road trailer and
intermodal operations serving mainland Europe, as well deepsea container
and air cargo services for the rest of the world.

Davies Turner is also part of System Alliance Europe (SAE), the grouping
of top independent forwarders which has similar expertise in the
mechanics of delivering to town centre locations throughout the
Continent where there may be emissions limits, permitting issues, and
associated local regulations.

While each retailer’s approach to trading through their own stores and
overseas distributors may differ, one essential for succeeding in this
new retail environment is supply chain visibility.

"Knowing where your product is, whether it is moving in the most
cost-efficient manner and, if it will be available to ship from a
distribution centre on time and to be delivered into store on time is
key to handling multiple sales channels," O’Brien explains. "Bespoke
systems, designed in house and tailored to individual apparel customer
requirements are part of our service which is proving indispensable to
managing the supply chains of stores overseas.

"All companies using our services to replenish their export outlets get
prior notification of the transit and lead times for delivery, which
will not fluctuate erratically from job to job. We are determined to
continue enhancing our services for the fashion and retail industry
where time is of the essence to our customers.

"While we can and do provide direct international store replenishment
from the UK its not all clients preference. This being the case we also
have resources and facilities to offer local distribution centres within
each destination where a client can keep stock for the best selling
lines, simple pick face, so can be replenished same or next day if
needed. It’s this flexibility that is assisting in our clients
international expansion successes!"

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