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Day Aggregates chooses DAF vehicles because of their weight advantage and safety features

Nine DAF CF85 four-axle tippers sporting a new livery have joined the 120-strong fleet of leading aggregates and recycling company Day Aggregates. The trucks are being used to deliver aggregates and for site clearance work across the South East.

An important part of their work is in support of Crossrail, Europe’s biggest engineering project, planned for completion in 2018. Crossrail sets stringent safety standards for its contractors and these are reflected in the comprehensive specification of the DAFs. Crossrail’s high standards are also aligned with Day Aggregates’ own strong commitment both to the environment and to health and safety, including its Silver Member status within TfL’s Freight Operator Recognition Scheme, FORS.

Safety features required by Crossrail include a side scan system and side guards to protect cyclists and other vulnerable road users. A reversing camera and white noise bleeper, twin hazard beacons, front and rear strobe lights, and wheelnut indicators further enhance safe operation.

"The safety and comfort of our drivers are also key considerations," says Chris Cooling, Group Transport Manager. "We prefer that the driver can carry out as many tasks as possible without leaving the cab, as this better protects him and also contributes to improved productivity," he explains. "So, for example, these new DAFs have hydraulic tailgates with an air-operated locking bar and a Covermaster sheeting system, both of which can be operated from within the cab."

A comfortable working environment in all conditions is provided by the CF85 day cab, which is renowned for its low interior noise levels and which, on Day Aggregates’ vehicles, is fitted with a luxury air-suspended driver’s seat, air conditioning, a full-width sun visor, and a high quality radio/CD player.

Achieving a high payload is critical in tipper work and the 32 tonne DAFs provide a low-weight platform that results in a payload advantage of around 250 kg. Further weight savings come from the choice of low weight Edbro tipping gear, as well as from the fact that there is a choice between two types of body that can be fitted, according to operational needs. Those trucks involved only in the delivery of either primary or recycled aggregates have PPG aluminium bodies with Edbro CX15 gear, resulting in trucks light enough to achieve a 20,300 kg payload. Those for use on site clearance work have Charlton ‘Superlight’ steel bodies that are better able to withstand the hard knocks that this work can involve. These have Edbro CX14 tipping gear and deliver a payload of 19,700 kg.

Power for the trucks is from the 12.9 litre PACCAR MX Euro 5 engine rated at 360 bhp (265 kW) at 1900 rpm to give an ample power to weight ratio of 11.25 bhp/tonne. This combined with the engine’s flexible torque output of 1775 Nm at between 1000 and 1410 rpm and a mechanical diff lock as standard, means that the DAFs are capable of coping easily with all surface and load conditions.

The CF85s are on a full Repair and Maintenance contract for five years. With Day Aggregates operating from 12 sites spread right across central and south London, Sussex and Kent, the availability of good local dealer support is essential when choosing new trucks. Several DAF dealers are involved in supporting the trucks: Barnes Group (the supplying dealer) at their Guildford and Shoreham sites, GB DAF Crawley, Channel Commercials and sites within the Heathrow Truck Centre group.

"The strength of the DAF dealer network is one of the key things that drew us to the marque," says Chris Cooling. "The good match of their dealer network in the South East with our own locations means that there is a service point relatively close to whichever depot these vehicles might be based at. Equally helpful is the fact that dealerships undertake safety inspections and servicing overnight and at weekends, giving us optimum vehicle availability at all times."

Originally formed in 1947, Day Aggregates is part of Day Group Ltd and is a member of both the FTA and MPA.

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