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Debut for Skyfall system with automatic infeed and delivery stations

Debut for Skyfall system with automatic infeed and delivery stations

The demonstration conveyor being presented by Ferag AG at LogiMAT 2018 is able to simulate a variety of Skyfall applications in production and distribution logistics. Also, there’s a premiere to come: a first-time presentation by the Swiss company of automatic infeed and delivery stations specifically developed for the Skyfall pocket sorter. Both of these innovations aimed at goods distribution are interesting for online retailers and multi-channel operators whose product range does not exceed ten kilograms in weight. Completely integrated into the Skyfall technology, the systems facilitate mechanical handling not just of textiles but other items as well, in particular food, drinks and household goods. Articles slide under their own weight into the Skyfall pockets, then at the end of the conveying and sortation process they slip gently back out again.

“At LogiMAT, we will be presenting a wide range of applications where our Skyfall system can score points,” announces Ferag CEO Jürg Möckli. The spectrum of uses that the Swiss are showcasing on the demonstration conveyor in Stuttgart ranges from automotive (for example, production of plastic injection moulded parts for instrument panels, doors, etc.) to construction chemicals (transport and buffering of silicone cartridges), to packaging material handling (transport of folding cartons for beer cans), to e-commerce and multi-channel marketing. The latest innovations by the engineers from the Zürcher Oberland will not be neglected meanwhile. Ferag has newly designed SkySorter merchandise pockets with sides made of elastic synthetic fibres, built for optimal automated filling and emptying. The automatic infeed and delivery stations on show for the first time can process up to 2000 pockets per hour. Products fall automatically into prepared pockets in the entirely gravity-powered first section of the show conveyor. At the other end of the course a tilting mechanism tips over the pockets so products can slide out in a controlled manner. “Both devices are interesting for Skyfall users looking to extensively automate their goods distribution,” continues Möckli.

Skyfall technology’s great adaptability to a wide range of application areas rests largely on individual hangers that hitch up not only with pockets, but also with load carriers designed for all manner of other items such as cans, cartridges or vehicle components. Of course, producing customized versions is no problem either. Further benefits of Skyfall overhead conveyors: just a slight gradient plus gravity suffice to get the frictionless shuttles rolling, so no electric drives are needed on downhill stretches. Moreover, thanks to spatial flexibility they can make optimum use of structural conditions around factory equipment. Even with a complex installation, larger areas of floor space stay completely clear for use by production and packaging or for people to move around. What’s more, any system scales easily.

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