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Delivery firms are turning to SmartTask POD ahead of the Christmas delivery season to help prepare for peak volumes

Mobile solution provider Skillweb has witnessed a surge in interest from top ten couriers, carriers and postal organisations for the application, with many moving forward with SmartTask POD.

Online retailers are also becoming aware of the benefits the mobile delivery software can offer, acting as an added incentive for competitive firms to make the switch.

Paul Ridden, managing director of Skillweb, said: "Skillweb is working with a range of postal organisations, couriers and carriers moving forward with SmartTask POD in preparation for this year’s Christmas peak. Leading couriers and carriers are now rolling out this Apple and Android App in preparation for the influx of additional labour at Christmas and as a contingency in case primary POD systems fail. SmartTask POD works on a range of smartphones such as Android, iPhone and Windows phones. It’s ideal for postal workers, contract workers, seasonal workers, temporary workers, lifestyle couriers and agency staff.

"With consumers becoming more and more dependent on real-time tracking data, falling back to paper is no longer delivering an acceptable service to retailers. By utilising SmartTask POD, carriers and postal businesses can have a cost effective alternative to help fill the gaps exposed by IT failures and increased peak demand."

Trevor Snaith, Head Of Marketing, added: "I have had a number of meetings with online retailers who have been quick to realise the benefits that SmartTask POD can bring them at Christmas. Couriers and Carriers often switch to paper and retailers lose visibility of deliveries. Retailers have been quick to point out SmartTask POD avoids the need to move to paper manifests and improves tracking and compliance. Its been interesting the amount of retailers who have requested their carrier’s partners to use SmartTask POD."

How does SmartTask POD work?

The solution offers all the benefits of any proof of delivery system on a worker’s own smartphone.

Available as a standalone reporting module, it can be deployed across all platforms and will integrate seamlessly with existing tracking solutions. This means businesses can choose the handset and system they feel is appropriate for each employee, whether rugged, semi-rugged or mobile device.

Couriers and carriers can scan parcels, create exceptions and capture signatures upon successful delivery using SmartTask POD. The app then sends a PDF of the signature and tracking data to an email address to prove to a client when a delivery or collection has been completed.

SmartTask POD data can be routed electronically to business systems and both generic POD workflow and specific workflow can be accommodated.

What are the benefits for online retailers?

Historically, parcel delivery firms have resorted to paper admin near Christmas, meaning retailers lose delivery visibility.

SmartTask POD gets firms closer to 100 per cent electronic POD, meaning they have greater control over the process and improved customer service.

How can the solution benefit delivery firms?

For couriers and carriers, the benefits of SmartTask POD are clear:

● Saves on the cost of rugged hardware for temporary staff
● Avoids mobile application fees
● Reduces device management costs
● Lowers the risk and cost of lost devices
● Offers fully integrated data
● Gets closer to 100 per cent electronic POD

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