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Demand for port-based storage on the increase as financial climate worsens

Businesses across Britain are changing the way they store and distribute goods – by turning to port-based logistics company, Import Services.

The company combines a port-centric approach to distribution, with skills in high volume pick and pack for retail. Its location, close to Southampton container port, allows products to be transferred swiftly to Customs bonded distribution centres. This eliminates the need to move containers inland to warehouses – saving unnecessary time, cost and complication.

The idea of storing goods in this way is gathering pace as businesses look to cut costs in an increasingly unstable financial climate. Even companies previously storing goods at their own commercial premises are now looking carefully at the option of switching to a port-based facility.

“We have seen an increase, recently, in companies wanting to outsource – rather than renew leases on their own warehouses,” says Mike Thomas, client services director at Import Services.

“Businesses are actively seeking ways to convert to variable cost – and outsourcing storage and distribution is high on the list. We offer a facility where clients only pay for what they use – a sound move in difficult economic times.

“Changing to bonded storage also allows them to keep cash in terms of VAT and Duty, until the end of the month that product is actually despatched to manufacturers, retailers or direct to consumers across the UK and to continental EC markets.”

“Using a port-based distribution centre also means that products are moved fewer empty container miles,” says Mike. “This has great potential to save businesses up to 25 per cent in supply chain time and delivered costs.

“Every business is looking at ways to save money at the moment. Changing the way they store their stock is something they can do very easily.”

Switching from self storage to a port-based storage and logistics company like Import Services need not be the complex process it is thought to be.

“Port-centric distribution is actually straight forward. We communicate with HM customs on behalf of our clients – using tried and tested systems.

“Web enabled stock control and distribution provides clients with ready access to their logistics operation – giving them time to concentrate efforts on core business activities.

“Our job is to make sure the whole process works efficiently and to get our clients' products to the right place at the right time – and at the right price.”

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