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Dematic Narrow Belt Sorter designed for low-mid rate applications

Dematic Narrow Belt Sorter designed for low-mid rate applications

Dematic, a supplier of intra-logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center has introduced a new Narrow Belt Sorter for low-mid rate sorting and diverting applications. The Dematic Narrow Belt Sorter is a modular and scalable solution that optimizes material flow and sorting accuracy in production operations and distribution center environments.

The sorter is available in 2, 4, 6, or 10 carrier belt configurations and accommodates cartons, tote boxes and trays of various sizes. The modular design is energy efficient; one drive unit can accommodate sorter lengths up to 300 feet. The entire sorter sub-system includes sound dampening technology to support quiet operation.

The Narrow Belt Sorter can be implemented in a multitude of configurations to accommodate the specific requirements of the application. It can sort loads to both the left and right sides using the perpendicular transfer at a 90° angle. The pop-up wheel diverter can sort loads to the left or the right at a 30° angle. The Dematic Narrow Belt Sorter is capable of operating at rates up to 50 cartons per minute with the perpendicular transfer and up to 115 cartons per minute with the pop-up wheel diverter.

The sorter is built around the Dematic Modular Conveyor System (MCS) architecture and utilizes the standard family of components, such as the universal side channel frame, motorized rollers, electronic sensing and controls. The Narrow Belt Sorter incorporates the flexibility attributes of the Dematic Modular Conveyor System: reconfigurable for future changes, scalable for future growth, common parts and components throughout.


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