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Dematic sets its sights on the future-oriented technology of Cloud Computing

Solutions provider Dematic is pledging its support for the Fraunhofer IML "Cloud Computing for Logistics" innovation cluster. The company is the first intralogis-tics provider member of the Cloud Computing Usergroup for the Logistics Mall and is participating in the ongoing development of the research project.

Dematic will be taking part in the "Cloud Computing for Logistics" innovation cluster of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), Dortmund from January 2012. Dematic is thus the first automation supplier supporting this future-oriented re-search project.

Peter Golz, Head of Software Development at Dematic, adds: "Cloud Computing is ush-ering in the future of IT on the internet. Studies show that in the year 2020, most people will be using primarily web-based applications, as well as obtaining and distributing in-formation via the cloud. Thanks to the Logistics Mall this will for the first time also be possible for complex logistics applications such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)".

The "Cloud Computing for Logistics" innovation cluster is an initiative from the Fraun-hofer IML in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and System Tech-nology (ISST). Together with the cluster partners, both institutes are working on estab-lishing a central, internet-based trading space for individual logistics functions and com-plete process chains. The plan is for this virtual marketplace for IT logistics applications to combine a variety of software applications and provide flexible, on-demand access via the internet. The primary target group is medium-sized companies in particular. By par-ticipating in the Cloud Computing Usergroup, Dematic is to create the technical prerequi-sites for developing and marketing software solutions in the Logistics Mall. "The infra-structure of the Logistics Mall will make it easier in future for customers to link up to our Warehouse Management System DC Director using other applications, for example", according to Golz. "This is why we see enormous potential in our participation for the future-oriented onward development of our product range and for the flexibility of our customers."

As part of the German government’s high-tech strategy, the initiative has received fund-ing from the regional North Rhine-Westphalia government. The project has already re-ceived recognition in the shape of the IT Innovation Award for Medium-Sized Companies at CeBIT 2011. "Thanks to Usergroup and Logistics Mall, the innovation cluster will be setting the standards in establishing Cloud Computing Technology for intralogistics", summarises Golz. "With our participation in this innovative research project we are able to take an active role in shaping this future-oriented technology, such as with system in-terfaces and standards, and use the platform to offer our customers services at the early-adopter stage, for example in the field of modern order picking solutions."

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