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Dematic’s Voice Laser Trucks a revolution in order picking

Within your manual DC, you are constantly looking at opportunities to maximise your pickers’ productivity and accuracy; this is typically the most labour intensive task in the DC, one that has a major impact on customer satisfaction.

The challenge you face is that during picking, your pickers are doing everything but picking: getting a new shipping pallet, repeatedly getting on and off a pallet truck, and taking the completed pallet to despatch. You can optimise the picker’s productivity and accuracy with Voice+, but that still leaves them traveling a lot as opposed to doing what they are meant to be doing: picking.

Introducing Dematic’s Voice+ Laser Trucks: a revolution in order picking, optimising manual warehouses, delivering picking performance of up to 400 cases per hour per picker!

Dematic’s Voice+ Laser Trucks solution upgrades pallet trucks with the latest in industrial grade laser guidance systems, automating repetitive non-value-adding transport tasks and freeing up your pickers to focus solely on picking.

Beyond maximising picking productivity in manual warehouses, Laser Trucks deliver improved safety, energy efficiency and transparency. Operational flexibility is maintained as routing plans can be updated as requirements change, and manual trucks can be used alongside Laser Trucks during peak periods.

In a UK first, Dematic will feature a live demonstration of Voice+ Laser Trucks in action at Logistics Link North, 13-14 October in Doner.

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