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Desguace Alarcón Flexible shelf system for the storage of end-of-life vehicles

Desguace Alarcón: Flexible shelf system for the storage of end-of-life vehicles

The Spanish automobile recycler Desguace Alarcón has expanded its storage capacity for end-of-life vehicles with OHRA cantilever racks, with 40 external racks, on each of which six cars weighing up to 1,600 kilograms can be stored, providing extra space for further growth of the company. The flexibility of the clipped in, height-adjustable arms: was particularly convincing: As not only can the arm height be adjusted as needed, in addition they move if impacted, thus avoiding damage to the racking and the stored vehicles.

Many car recyclers still end up stacking one vehicle on top of another vehicle for storage. This not only increases the risk of work safety, but also makes targeted access to a specific vehicle impossible. Desguace Alarcón therefore decided to use OHRA cantilever racks: The cars are placed on three levels each car sat on two 1,800mm long cantilever arms. This way, every vehicle can be accessed at any time without having to restack, even if it is positioned at the bottom.

An important reason for Desguace Alarcón to use racks from the European market leader for cantilever racks was their stability and the quality of the construction: All supporting elements of the racks are made of solid wall, hot-rolled steel. This is the basis for the high load-bearing capacity of the racks and ensures greater safety in robust everyday work – because, in contrast to components made of sheet metal profiles, solid-walled steel profiles provide protection against damage when knocked.

For Desguace Alarcón another highlight of the racking system is that the individual arms are clipped in a column with an 100mm pitch, and are not screwed in place. On the one hand this simplifies the assembly, while on the other hand, the cantilever arms can also be adjusted quickly and without tools to changing requirements in terms of the storage level.

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