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Design boost for the Logitilt from Logitrans

The Logitilt from Logitrans makes it possible to lift and tilt a box, so that the user can reach the bottom of a box without bending and stretching. The user gets an ergonomically correct working position without straining his body – both when standing and sitting. At the same time the Logitilt can also transport boxes and crates.

"We have boosted the design of our Logitilt with the ergonomically correct handle, which is also used on the rest of our product range. The handle has ergonomically correct gripping angles and ensures the user a relaxed grip. The new Logitilt can be set to stop automatically in the same tilting angle each time", says Gitte Kirkegaard, Sales Director at Logitrans A/S.

The Logitilt has a compact construction and can therefore operate between machines and production lines in restricted areas. The lifting capacity is 1000 kg, the forks can be tilted up to 90°, and the working height can be adjusted from 750 to 950 mm. The handle can be turned to the side to give better access to the box opening.

The Logitilt has electric lifting function and is perfect when lifting frequently. It is very manoeuvrable, because one of the steering wheels is operated directly by the handle.

It is also available in a partly stainless version, which can be used in the food industry with requirements for cleaning and hygiene. Furthermore it is available with straddle legs, so that also closed pallets can be handled.

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