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Developments in environmentally responsible packaging showcased at easyFairs ECOPACK 2011


Harry Skidmore, CEO at Easibind International, explains: "This concept links screen-based HD, 3D and Animation with in-store packaging and promotions using sleeves, labels, collars, display units and posters to provide up to five times the ‘WaaooW’ factor of basic ink on paper.

"The subtler message in this is that less is more, in that we are able to downsize the point of sale and display, and reduce the carbon footprint, including a Closed Loop Take Back Scheme for in store point of sale and display. Basically, what goes into store stays in store and can be collected from store using standard distribution vehicles."

Holding the leading global position in the markets for labels, coated packaging, overwrap and biodegradable and compostable films, Innovia Films (stand E19) will be demonstrating their latest compostable film – NatureFlex N913.

Paul Barker, Product Manager at Innovia Films comments: "NatureFlex N913 film is ideal for a vast array of products that require exceptional packaging performance in both ‘moist’ and ‘dry’ areas including meat, cheese, cereals, confectionery, fresh produce, snacks, household products and personal care items. There is a perception in the marketplace that biofilms cannot perform as well as conventional packaging films, but with both the barrier and sealing properties of NatureFlex™ N913, this is no longer the case."

One other exhibitor to look out for at the show is Polythene UK (Stand F32), the largest broker of polythene film in the UK and the first company in the UK to stock 100% compostable checkout bags made from their own ‘Polycomp’ material.

James Woollard, Managing Director at Polythene UK, explained: "I figure that as checkout bags are something we all use and as we are all about to start having to buy rolls of compostable bags – due to changes in the way our food is being recycled – then why not make one bag that does both jobs? That way consumers will be able to buy their compostable bags at the checkout for the same price as they would spend on the rolls of bags, use them to take their shopping home, then reuse them in their green bins, so their food waste can go for anaerobic digestion or other composting methods."

For those of you keen to keep up with latest issues and trends, there are 50 scheduled free-to-attend learnShops™ to choose from spanning across every aspect of packaging delivered by industry experts. Participating in the ECOPACK learnShops will be WRAP, who will be delivering a two day programme focusing on several core areas from the role of packaging to sustainability and educating the consumer.

easyFairs ECOPACK 2011 is also co-located with 3 other packaging shows: easyFairs PACKAGING INNOVATIONS, CONTRACT PACK and PACKTECH.

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