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Diamond Phonenix deliver waste solution to DHL exel supply chain

When DHL Exel Supply Chain extended a two tier mezzanine level in the front of its loading bay, as a part of its Marks & Spencers solution, it was faced with increasing the efficiency of its existing manual waste system.

Diamond Phoenix, better known for their order fulfilment solutions, were brought on board to design and implement a new waste conveyor system. They needed a design that would save time, incorporate safety devices and would recognise any box blockages to ensure that the system ran at a
constant rate.

The system has now been successfully installed; it has a
shoot that has been designed to accept waste from conveyors
on two levels, that in turn transfers waste onto a ground
floor conveyor; this is then transferred into the waste
compactor. The system has also been designed to take extra
takeaway conveyors as their productivity expands.

Nick Mossop, Project Manager of DHL, Exel Supply Chain
comments: “We had worked with Diamond Phoenix previously so
when it came to implementing a new waste system we knew
that Diamond Phoenix would provide the expertise to deliver
our requirements. The system has been labour saving and
has allowed us to clear waste in a more timely manner and
we are now in the process of extending the system.”

Graham Boner, Sales Director at Diamond Phoenix comments:
“Waste management can have a big impact for a business on
labour and time in the overall order fulfilment process and
must be fully considered. Diamond Phoenix was able to
design a waste system for DHL, Exel Supply Chain that not
only saved time but could expand to meet the growing needs
of the company.”

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