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Digital driver’s handbook from Volvo Trucks

Every Volvo truck has its own unique driver’s handbook whose contents are individually tailored to match the vehicle’s specification. Now it is also possible to download it free via the Internet.
"A digital driver’s handbook in the office computer is a practical complement to the printed version stored in the truck. This way it is easy to quickly access information about the vehicle," says Stefan Börjesson, Manager Driver Information at Volvo Trucks.

Digital backup in any language
For vehicle owner and dealer alike, it can be a good idea to have a digital driver’s handbook, for instance when the vehicle changes owner. And if the printed version gets lost, there is always a backup available while a new printed handbook is ordered and delivered. If the owner wants the driver’s handbook in printed or digital form in another language than the original version, that too is not a problem.

"The downloadable driver’s handbook is ordered free of charge via the Volvo Trucks website by filling in the chassis number, model designation, contact details and required language. After that we will send an e-mail with a link and it is from there that the driver’s handbook is downloaded in PDF format. It’s as simple as that," says Stefan Börjesson.

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