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Divide and conquer

Predict potential problems, put the contingencies in place and logistical issues can be avoided. By providing an emergency delivery service that also addressed a number of potential logistical bottlenecks, Evolution Time Critical was not only able to deliver a vital consignment on time but, in doing so, was also able save its customer significant cost penalties that could have been imposed by an automotive OEM.

The company was booked to fly an emergency consignment of automotive parts from Birmingham in the United Kingdom to Sao Paulo in Brazil. With a one-day delivery window, delays were out of the question, so Evolution put its contingency planning team in to action.

In this instance, because the delivery was of such vital importance, the company opted to split the consignment. By taking two completely different routes, it halved the possibility of delays that could have caused a major production disruption.

“Putting all your eggs in one basket can be a risky business for critical deliveries,” explains Brad Brennan, Evolution's managing director. “Flights can be delayed for all manner of different reasons, such as weather, air traffic issues, industrial action, technical failure or customs complications, by having on-board couriers on two separate flights, we minimised the risk of being delayed – in this case minutes really were vital. As we do our investigations into logistical channels, if we discover there is more than one opportunity we will offer this to the customer. If the consignment is as important as this one was, they will often opt for the additional safety factor, in this case doubling the chance of getting through.”

The two Evolution onboard couriers boarded two completely different flights to Sao Paulo both going by different routes – but both arriving within 45 minutes of each other. “We also made sure that one of our couriers was a Brazilian national; in situations like this it is always better to be safe than sorry.” Brennan adds. “As well as improving our chances of successfully clearing customs speedily and unhindered, our customs broker was also on hand, should either of the couriers have had any issues at Sao Paulo.

“Part of our job is to be a little pessimistic and try to visualise a worst-case scenario,” Brennan continues. “In the end, both immediately cleared customs and there was a delighted customer at the other end. The outcome here was that production was able to continue uninterrupted, something it would also have been able to do if one of the consignments was delayed by a few hours. The supplier also avoided the potentially huge fines that might have been levied by the OEM.

“Most of the people we deliver to don't realise the hoops we jump through to ensure delivery.” Brennan concludes. “As long as we get it there on time, we're happy, they're happy – how we do it is immaterial to them at that point.”

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