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Dolav ACE trumps food pallet hygiene at Food and Drink Logistics Show

Dolav Direct (Stand J41) presents the Ace plastic box pallet with three runners and designed especially for hygienic food handling in close cooperation with a major meat logistics group, HSF Logistics.

The Dolav 1000-Ace holds up to 900 kg because HSF, and other food handlers, wanted a box designed to help give lower lifetime costs, take 30 percent heavier loads and have three integral runners. Other detailed improvements included greater internal radii and reduced underside ribbing for easier cleaning, strengthening possible impact points from fork tines.

After extensive testing the Ace joined the Dolav product range and the HSF equipment pool this within recent months. Design and manufacture has achieved zero hiding places for bacteria before or after washing. Dolav low-pressure injection moulding using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) creates an impermeable, strong solid, single wall with no internal tension allowing use in extreme heat or deep freeze rooms. If cut, cracked or scratched the newly exposed surfaces are as impermeable as the original surface. This means that any damage or repair can be cleaned just as well, and as thoroughly as undamaged surfaces maintaining total hygienic integrity.

Dolav has been supplying plastic pallet boxes to the UK for over 30 years and has recently introduced its pallet customisation service with no lower limit on order quantity.

New from Dolav Direct for the UK is a rapid, small order, customisation service. Customers are offered a wide range of options which include hinged lids with seals and locks, castors and drain bungs. Factory trained staff complete the conversions which retain the Dolav safe, secure stacking ability. Many modifications can also be made by customers for which Dolav offers kits with instructions, templates and parts.

A major UK pet food company needed a 1200 x 800 Dolav Pallet Box mounted on heavy-duty castors and fitted with a sealed, lockable lid to prevent insect infestation. They asked for one unit to try to be followed by another eleven if the Dolav solution worked. Within a few days the bespoke unit was on site and proved its worth.

For most users, standard, heavy duty, volume produced pallet boxes are perfect but some clients want lower walls, extra length or changed width units. Dolav Direct listens and engineers tough conversions in any quantity. A rare service these days.

One client, Chew Valley uses double-height Dolavs with central stainless-steel runners. They handle 9000 tonnes of raw animal bi-products from abattoirs every year. The Dolavs survive very harsh conditions and are often hit by the forklift truck forks when off-site. "With the density of the plastic, they stand up well and we can repair them. They serve us very well," said director, Lindsay Dury.

Although not at standard product prices, customised Dolav products can transform production processes and save or avoid large capital cost expenditure making a customised Dolav even better value for money. Remarkably, Dolav Direct offers customisation on small order quantities which can be a huge benefit to customers of all sizes.

With in-stock standard colours of blue, yellow, green, brown, red and grey, UK customers of Dolav Direct can have almost colour but black. Many other colours are available to special order.

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