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Campaingning for product traceability
CE Marking plate is available either in black or silver for ID purposes.

Donghua campaigns for product traceability

Hot on the heels of announcing the stamping of CE Marking on their leaf chain range, Donghua has confirmed that all leaf chain will now come with a DEKRA certificate, where applicable.

Donghua Limited, the UK arm of one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers, announced recently that they are stamping CE marking on all their leaf chain products sold across the European Economic Area (EEA). CE Marking reassures customers that the manufacturer takes responsibility for the conformity of their product to applicable EC safety directives.

The company is supporting this move even further by issuing a DEKRA certificate alongside their usual product test certificate. DEKRA provides an independent review of whether the product complies with relevant European criteria.

Bob Wellsbury, managing director of Donghua Limited which distributes chain across UK and Ireland, explained: “Donghua is one of only a few manufacturers certified to stamp CE Marking on chain. We already provide customers with a test certificate and etch the unique manufacturer’s number on our chain every metre, but we’re now supplementing this by issuing a DEKRA certificate which states the manufacturer and country of origin. This provides customers with the true picture of where the chain they are buying is actually manufactured and by whom, adding to the traceability of the product.”

He added: “Due to the industries in which leaf chain is used and the associated safety implications, more and more original truck manufacturers are insisting on CE Marking on all components. We urge all end-users to ensure they only buy high quality chain which is fully traceable and meets all applicable quality and safety standards.”

Donghua’s Sky Stacker leaf chain is designed for arduous lifting applications and engineered with press-fit inner and outer plates for high axial and radial torsion, calibrated holes which reduce pin wear, special heat-treated plates to increase fatigue life and load bearing with special lubricants to prevent corrosion. Their heavy duty lifting chain also comes coated and is ideal for damp and corrosive environments such as ports, freight terminals and harbours.


Bob Wellsbury
Donghua Limited
Sidings Close, Off Wednesfield Way, Wolverhampton WV11 3DR
Tel: 01902 866 200

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