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Doosan launches new Wheel Loader Bucket range

Doosan Construction Equipment has launched a new family of high quality bucket attachments for the company’s wheel loader range. The new buckets offer a combination of robust construction and excellent penetration capabilities, covering the full range of applications from light duty jobs to the most severe and arduous tasks.

The large number of bucket types and sizes ensures maximum versatility and efficiency. Every bucket is designed to fit specific models to match the key kinematic parameters of the wheel loaders. Critical bucket positions have been optimised to enhance digging and dumping performance.

The buckets are matched to the tipping loads of the wheel loaders for maximum stability and safe operation of the machine. A perfect fit is guaranteed to ensure an easy and quick installation of the buckets on the wheel loaders without need for special connectors. The operator has an optimal view of the attachment to ensure safety and ease-of-use.

The design of the buckets is based on kinematics simulations which prevent collisions or kinematic lock-out and ensure the movement of the buckets is what is expected and is always completely under the control of the operator. The simulations also ensure forces are transferred correctly from the bucket to the carrier to facilitate optimum digging, crowding and dumping.

General purpose buckets
General purpose buckets provide a good all-round performance for stockpiling and material-handling operations. With their sloped bottom design for optimum bucket filling capabilities and load retention, these are the perfect buckets for day-to-day handling of loose materials, aggregates or gravels and earthmoving jobs in sand and wet clay.

The straight sides of these buckets provide good penetration/capacity ratios. Critical parts such as the base edge, heel plates and corner protections are made of hardened steel for high abrasion resistance. Thick reinforcement plates protect critical areas on the bottom and sides of the buckets with a spill guard designed to protect the cylinders. The general-purpose buckets can be equipped with optional teeth, shrouds and bolt-on cutting edges.

Heavy-duty buckets
Doosan heavy-duty buckets are designed for a range of applications that require a robust construction such as sand handling or other applications with occasional severe loadings. Parts subjected to high stress such as the edge, sidebars and corner protections are made of hardened steel. Optional teeth, shrouds and reversible cutting edges allow the buckets to be tailored for particular customer needs.

Ideal for handling heavy materials such as ore, gravel and crushed rock or for digging through rocky soils and sandstone, Doosan heavy-duty buckets have a similar design to the light duty buckets offering straight sides for good penetration/capacity ratios. All critical parts are made of hardened steel for high abrasion resistance. Thick reinforcement plates protect critical areas on the bottom and sides of the bucket, while spill guards protect the cylinders.

Rock buckets
These buckets are designed for handling and digging of hard compacted material and blasted rock in mining or quarrying applications, where high break-out forces are required. Severe digging is no problem for these tough buckets which are entirely made of high wear resistant steel with a hardness of 420 BHN. Weld-on ESCO® teeth are standard.

Thick reinforcement strips and bars protect critical areas on the bucket sides. Concave sides provide higher penetration and the welded ESCO® teeth also have a high penetration profile. There is a protection grille to ensure optimal safety and visibility and an extended spill guard provides very efficient protection for the cylinders and the cab.

Light material buckets
Light in weight but large in capacity, these are the ideal buckets for applications requiring the handling of large amounts of light materials. The convex sides result in higher capacities up to 9 m³ and reduce spillage of materials, whilst the sloped bases ensure fast and easy filling. The buckets come standard with a bolted reversible cutting edge and are ideal for loading low density materials such as wood chips, coal, grain, paper, leaves, compost, granulates, refuse, mulch and many others.

Critical parts such as the edge, heel plates and edge savers are made of hardened steel of up to 400 BHN for high abrasion resistance.

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