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Mosca double strap dispenser increases usability and uptime

Strapping equipment specialist Mosca has added a fully automated double strap dispenser to its SoniXs TR-6 Base and Pro strapping machines to help companies maximise throughput.

Both models now feature two strap coils, meaning that when one coil is empty the machine automatically picks up the second coil and changes the strap. This enables production to continue uninterrupted and allows operators to change the empty coil without stopping the machine, preventing expensive downtime and increasing machine availability.

In addition, for cross-strapping applications where two identical machines are installed at an angle, Mosca has introduced a redesigned angle pusher which lines up and guides packages between the two machines. This now features a CE marking from the factory without additional safety devices, making it much more accessible for the operator. Actuators are designed to ensure the net energy is sufficient for the machine’s optimal performance without posing a danger to the operator.

The SoniXs TR-6 models are ideally suited for operations that demand high availability and process safety, including corrugated producers, wholesalers, printing companies, logistics, and food and pharmaceutical industries.

Launched last year the machines have proved a popular choice for customers who want to opt for a different level of features according to their precise manufacturing requirements.

The entry-level Base model features simple controls and an intuitive machine interface, while the Pro model serves as a high-end machine, capable of meeting the standards of Industry 4.0, with specialized B&R controls and a Human Machine Interface (HMI) colour touch panel. The Pro version also offers an option to pre-program strapping formulas for fully automated solutions across a wide variety of applications. The machine is network-compatible, enabling Mosca to carry out online maintenance remotely.

Both machines feature Mosca’s energy-saving ultrasonic technology, SoniXs, as well as the Standard-6 strap path, which is easily accessible and can be dismantled without the use of tools for easy maintenance. All core components are directly accessible, which means maintenance and cleaning can be quickly carried out by hand.

The latest models are part of a vast range of automatic, semi-automatic and fully automated strapping machines from Mosca, which are available in the UK from Mosca Direct Ltd of Cotgrave, Nottingham. Mosca machines fit easily into existing lines to replace old machines or as part of a new project to improve up-time and throughput due to their reliability, speed and efficiency.

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