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Draeger Safety & Everards Brewery unveil new state-of-the-art gas safety system

Draeger Safety & Everards Brewery unveil new state-of-the-art gas safety system

A new state-of-the-art gas safety system at Leicestershire-based brewery Everards’ new site, Everards Meadows, has been unveiled today by medical and safety technology company Dräger Safety UK.

The system, which was developed during the pre-construction phase of Everards’ new 70-acre site, just outside of Leicester, uses smart technology and 15 explosion-proof infrared gas detectors to create a protective ‘wall’ which provides continuous monitoring to safeguard against possible carbon dioxide gas leaks.

In addition, Everards have six portable gas detectors which are used by staff when entering the brewery.

Jon Elks, Head Brewer at Everards, comments: “Safety has to be our number one priority as an organisation, and gas detection is at the heart of this.

“From a brewing perspective, carbon dioxide poses the greatest gas risk. It’s produced in the fermentation process of beer making, and we use it to carbonate our bottled beer. While we capture the carbon dioxide created during the fermentation process, the potential exists for the gas to escape in either situation. A leak of this nature would result in a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere which is highly dangerous.

“We work in a building where there is good ventilation but if carbon dioxide accumulated in pockets, displacing oxygen, it could have fatal consequences, so we take detection very seriously.”

Alarms will sound an alert if there is any leakage, and the system is also connected to site’s ventilation system to automatically trigger greater ventilation of the brewing area if there is a leak in order to reduce the risk.

David Head, Draeger Safety, comments: “Gas safety is a critical safety issue for many operators in the food and beverage sector, and a growing priority for the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

“However, it is often part of a wide-ranging portfolio of safety issues for these businesses and as a result, it can be a complex and challenging issue to address.

“This project sees state-of-the-art smart technology combined with many years’ expertise and a pragmatic approach to ensure the best possible safety for Everards’ brewery employees.”

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