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DT Exhibition enjoys double take on Kaiserwhales

Whale Tankers specialist KAISERWhale sewer cleaning Jet-Vac with continuous dirty water recycling is set to dominate this year’s dtexhibition. In addition to Surrey-based Hydro-Cleansing’s widely publicised Megatron, the largest and most sophisticated KAISERWhale ever produced by Whale, is another 32-tonne variant. This will feature as one of Whale’s outdoor exhibits – the second to be ordered by Enviroco Limited.

As Whale’s Mark Warmington comments: "Visitors to this year’s exhibition will get the chance to enjoy a double dose of KAISERWhale – one on our stand and the Megatron that is being promoted at the show by Hydro-Cleansing. This is particularly pleasing as it serves to reaffirm the fact that the KAISERWhale is now recognised as being the preferred choice of recycler by many operators. Indeed its popularity has increased immeasurably over the last few years, and this can be attributed to the fact that it has always been available with a comprehensive range of options, in particular relating to vacuum performance, jetting and boom options."

Indeed whilst the focus at the show will be on the two dominant KAISERWhales being displayed, Whale will be publicising the fact that the dtexhibition will coincide with the delivery of an 18-tonne KAISERWhale to Welsh Water.

As Whale’s Chris Anderson adds: "The development of the KAISERWhale range remains central to our ongoing product design engineering strategy, so much so that we are currently in the process of building our first demountable KAISERWhale. Today, operators can choose from a product that ranges from 16 – 44 tonnes GVW, comes equipped with a jetting capability of 40 – 110 gallons or 180 – 500 litres per minute and a vacuum performance of between 600 – 4100 cfm (1,000 – 7,000 M3Hr). Additionally, so that customers can choose the right boom based on operation requirements, a full range of hydraulic overhead loading booms are available."

Much of the popularity the KAISERWhale has attracted following its introduction in 2005 can be attributed to the synergy that exists between Whale and its technical partners Kaiser AG – an acknowledged leader in water recycling equipment in Europe and a company renowned for producing technically innovative solutions in the sewer cleaning and water recycling sector.

In addition to being similar size companies, Kaiser and Whale have successfully enjoyed an openness relating to the transfer of technologies, with Kaiser demonstrating the flexibility to supply the componentry that Whale could develop to meet the subtly different needs of the UK marketplace. The end result is a powerful and versatile specialist recycling combination unit that continues to attract praise from an increasing number of customers. Take Hydro-Cleansing’s Steve Hoad for example. "Since taking delivery of the Megatron in the spring, both our operators and customers have been extremely impressed with its performance. Not only does it look the part, it is already playing a pivotal role in helping enhance our reputation for investing in the most effective and modern equipment available," states an enthusiastic Steve.

Equally impressed with the KAISERWhale is Enviroco’s Industrial Services Manager, Alister Wait: "The operational, economic and environmental benefits that the KAISERWhale has delivered has already played a significant part in helping drive forward our business in the industrial cleaning sector. And whilst we are looking forward to our new vehicle continuing this trend, we are particularly interested in the radio control function as a means of meeting our remote operational requirements." This Radio Remote feature is a 28-function radio facility operable up to a maximum distance of 150 metres that comes complete with a fail-safe auto shutdown feature should signal loss occur.

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