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DuraLabel announces industry first 5 Year supply warranty

DuraLabel, a leading global manufacturer of facility safety labels and printers, has released a new 5-year supply warranty to pro-actively address the importance of product longevity and reliability in the marketplace. The company warranty now states:
If labels made with DuraLabel Premium Vinyl fail within five years of purchase, we will provide a one-time replacement roll of the same supply.

The warranty applies to DuraLabel Premium Vinyl Tapes and DuraLabel XPressPeel Vinyl Tapes. These tapes are DuraLabel’s most popular vinyl labeling material and are used for applications such as pipe marking, safety signage, arc flash, 5S labeling, and OSHA required labeling.

With this robust warranty, DuraLabel helps ease purchasing decisions and reduce labor costs associated with labeling.

"No other manufacturer offers anything comparable," said Steve Stephenson, Managing Director, Graphic Products. "We trust our customers to define a successful labeling application. So, if they’re unsatisfied for whatever reason, we’ll honor our warranty."

If someone creates a label using DuraLabel Premium Vinyl, and that label fails for any reason within five years of the date of purchase of the vinyl, we’ll provide a one-time replacement roll of the same supply. This warranty is unique because it is so simple and straightforward. There is no fine print. No "whereas" or exceptions.

How can DuraLabel make such a bold and confident statement without resorting to fine print?

Driven by the desire to innovate and provide the highest quality supplies for customers, DuraLabel’s vinyl supply undergoes constant testing to gauge the resilience and durability necessary to perform in a wide range of workplace conditions and climates. Using certified testing equipment, DuraLabel’s team of technicians check adhesive strength, print quality, surface quality, tensile strength and elongation, and film and adhesive thickness to ensure that all printers and labels meet or exceed specifications.

DuraLabel printers and supplies are manufactured and distributed by Graphic Products, providing visual communication solutions since 1970. DuraLabel offers more than 50 application-specific supplies and offers same-day shipping to meet our customers’ just-in-time delivery requirements. All printers come with free technical support for as long as the printer owner is a Graphic Products’ customer, unlike other printers which require you to pay for support. Graphic Products is the only custom label printer company that is confident enough in the quality of our products that we can provide this level of support.

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