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Durkopp Fordertechnic launches flat goods sorter bag

Dürkopp Fördertechnik, a leader in the provision of handling and sortation systems, is claiming an industry first with the launch of its new Sorter Bag which enables both hanging and flat goods to be carried on the same system.

The sorter bag is the result of an intensive four year development programme at Durkopp’s main production facility at Bielefeld in Germany.

The company is confident the system – which can carry goods such as shoes, toys, books, CDs and mobile phones – will be of huge benefit to firms involved in the order fulfilment and e-commerce sectors.

"E-commerce presents major challenges for those companies involved in handling goods as orders are often small in quantity as well as varied in size. In addition, returned goods have to be dealt with quickly and efficiently as well," said Annette Sommer, Dürkopp Fördertechnik’s general manager in the UK.

"Previously, the picking of hanging and flat goods had to be done separately which was labour intensive and also liable to be error-prone. Now, for the first time, flat goods and hanging garments can be simultaneously processed together as part of one order."

The new sorter bag can be incorporated onto Dürkopp’s proven Pick Rotor system for hanging goods which uses a standardised RFID-equipped adapter.
The bag – which has a stainless steel frame – can be quickly filled by an
operator who simply passes the articles over a scanner so they, too, can be
constantly tracked through the bag’s unique RFID transponder.

"Any item that would fit into a normal shopping bag can be carried on the new system which handles up to 10,000 items an hour" added Annette. "Picking is optimised, single items can be placed in any order on the system and minimal space is required. The streamlining of all these processes leads to reduced costs and quicker order fulfilment. E-commerce demands the handling of goods to be faster and more accurate – the Dürkopp Sorter Bag system makes this possible."

The Sorter Bag is already proving a big success at Bierbaum Proenen of Cologne, the international supplier of workwear. The firm outsources its logistics operations to the Fiege Group of Greven and the Sorter Bag now helps the group handle the global distribution of a total of 2.5 million items a year, comprising some 14,500 different workwear products.

Annette Sommer
+44 (0)1455 29989-2
+44 (0)1455 29989-9
web http://www.duerkopp-web.de

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