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Eaststone implement the Ultimate labelling system from Episys

Eaststone Specials, a specials manufacturing company of unlicensed medicinal products, is implementing the Ultimate labelling system from Episys, the global information technology solutions and services company, to ensure that all drugs dispensed are correctly labelled.

Ultimate Labelling enables Eaststone to design, create content for, schedule and print labels on their own network accurately and efficiently.

Linda Rix, Quality Assurance Manager at Eaststone Specials, said, "We previously produced all manufacturing documents using a standard software package and labels using a standard label printer, this proved to be time consuming and the system didn’t allow us to save all the data together. Each time we needed to produce a label we had to re-enter all the information we had already entered to produce the manufacturing documentation. This was time consuming and could allow transcription errors to be made therefore increasing the amount of data checking required. We felt it was time to evaluate what options there were available and that is when we came across Episys."

Rix continued, "With the Episys system we only have to input data once which will save us time and eliminate the risk of mistakes. Episys have been very helpful from day one by explaining the system and have helped define how we want the system to work for us. They understood our requirements and have been extremely honest from the start telling us which modules we needed and those we didn’t. Although it isn’t a bespoke system, it has been tailored to include only the modules we require for our business. The support has been excellent and there has always been someone available to help us with any issues and we certainly feel we have received value for money by selecting this system."

The company’s operations involve the manufacture and supply of unlicensed medicinal products, called Specials*, for human use in accordance with MHRA (Medicines Health Regulatory Authority) guidelines and licensing. Most medicines are licensed in the UK, but to meet certain medical needs of individual patients the NHS allows the bespoke manufacture of medicines. A ‘special’ may only be manufactured once a Doctor has prescribed it for a patient and a Pharmacist may only supply a ‘special’ if no licensed alternative is available.

Peter Lewis, Marketing Director at Episys, said, "We are delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate to Eaststone Specials how the Ultimate labelling system can help within their organisation."

Ultimate is Episys’ comprehensive portfolio of labelling and mobile applications delivering unique industrial-strength solutions to a broad range of industries including manufacturing, logistics, chemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and the public sector.

About Eaststone Special
Based in Bolton Greater Manchester, with easy access to the main arterial routes, Eaststone is perfectly placed to service the specialist requirements of both pharmacy customers throughout the UK and of course, most importantly, the needs of their patients. With extensive experience in manufacturing and retail pharmacy, the Eaststone team provides a very special service and a wide range of dosage forms that includes:

Oral liquids
Ointments/ Creams
External lotions
Ear drops
Nasal drops
Coal tar products

A wide range of unlicenced solid and liquid forms can also be supplied in addition to a range of imported ‘Specials’.

All Manufactured products have shelf lives supported by stability testing. Stability testing is vital to ensure ‘quality’ throughout the life of the product. Research and Development Scientists are producing new formulas and dosage forms daily. Any dosage form required as a special can be provided on request.

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