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Easy to use for maximum product convenience: Goody Cao composite can with hinged lid

Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG) was introducing their new composite can with a hinged lid and integrated membrane seal at this year’s FachPack. Together with a major customer, WPG developed the unique lid for the chocolate milk powder Goody Cao, a major German retail brand. This non-cylindrical composite can is safe, reliable and easy to open with one hand. Additional design options for the lid and membrane seal give customers more space for brand marketing.

Non-cylindrical composite cans manufactured by Weidenhammer have been the standard in chocolate milk product packaging for many years. The newly developed hinged lid is more convenient and offers more options to ensure that the product stands out at the point of sale. The packaging solution meets the growing requirements of consumers and industry customers. Goody Cao chocolate milk powder has been available in Europe in the new Weidenhammer packaging since April 2012.

Convenient and easy to open
The hinged lid is firmly secured to the body of the can. A key advantage is that it can be easily opened with one hand. Consumers can simply flip up the lid with their thumb. The lid itself remains attached to the can. "Compared to refillable bag packs, the new packaging solution with hinged lid clearly enhances the product and makes it better than the cans used for competing products," says Rolf Regelmann, the WPG executive in charge of sales.

A sealed aluminium membrane beneath the lid protects the chocolate milk powder. Consumers can easily pull the sealed membrane off the plastic edging without having to remove the lid from the composite can. Even after opening, the product stays fresh and well-protected by the plastic cover.

Decorative design
Attractively designed composite cans with hinged lids stand out at the point of sale. The underside of the lid and the membrane seal can also be labelled. Additional paper coating on the seal can be printed in multiple colours. The applications are many and varied – customers can use the newly available space for give-aways or cross-selling campaigns. "Our solution makes it possible to use the available packaging label space for branding and makes the product even more appealing," Regelmann explains.

Weidenhammer manufactures non-cylindrical cans with hinged lids and integrated membranes (dimensions: 140×70 mm) in Hockenheim, Germany. Round and oval-shaped composite cans in different diameters are available upon request as of 2013.

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