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easyFairs 2011 packaging exhibition at NEC Birmingham

Ideas for new packaging products will be pitched to industry experts at the Dragons’ Den-inspired contest. It will be staged at the easyFairs quartet of packaging shows dedicated to packaging innovation, sustainable packaging, technology and outsourcing.

Presented over the two days (16th – 17th February) at the NEC, Birmingham, the Lions’ Lair will invite eight brave exhibitors to pitch to a panel of brand, retail and packaging experts. They will have the opportunity to convince the Lions about the merits of their packaging ideas and see whether they are worthy of a very public thumbs up (or thumbs down).

The four scary Lions, who are unafraid to speak their mind, will cast their critical eyes over an array of innovative products. The panel of experts will include Phil Huggett of Sainsbury’s; Packaging News editor, Josh Brooks; James Fletcher of PepsiCo International and Sarah Leveridge of Mothercare.

Packaging Innovations exhibitor Lageen Tuboplast (stand A1) will be the first company stepping into the Lair. They will be hoping to grab the judges’ attention with their new clear tube that has a solid 360 degrees printed panel with a window at the front.

Rob Thompson, UK Sales Agent at Lageen Tuboplast, comments: "When the tube is filled with a transparent product, you can see a children’s toy printed on the reverse side of the tube, you cannot see this image from the outside of the tube, only when you look through the window."

The second company taking on the easyFairs Lions is Packaging Innovations exhibitor Neville and More (stand H52) who will be putting forward their new range of airless bottles which reduce wastage. The bottles reduce the need for preservatives in products, because air is removed from the bottle, ideal for natural organic products but it is the low number of components in the bottles which should catch the Lions’ attention.

David Sharpe, Managing Director at Neville and More, comments: "The difference between our new airless product ranges is that the pack only consists of 5 components compared to the 15 components in existing airless packs. This means less waste, totally recyclable (does not contain any metallic parts) and more cost effective due to dramatic reduction in the number of component parts. Basically, it’s fantastic."

PAGO International (stand E16) will be presenting its new generation of linear labeling systems. Extreme modularity and flexibility to handle individual labeling solutions are typical features of this innovative concept.

Also looking to impress the Lions is Smart Tab Products (stand F8) with their Multi-Ply Labels 4 and 6.

Graham Figg, UK Sales & Marketing at Smart Tab Products comments: "We would describe the product as an optional 4 and 6 page full colour peel and reseal label. They can be supplied on reels, sheets or attached to documents. They can be numbered or can contain a fragrance for multi use. Our labels also contain voiding features for tamper evidence and brand protection, as single or dual ply. We only make bespoke products, so the combination of features is by design to meet the client’s needs."

Jenton Group (Stand D22) will be entering the lair with Trap Bag. Richard Little, Director of the Jenton Group, explains: "It is a bag; a very simple bag, but it will get a ‘wow’ from each of the judges. It is a valve bag for many things, but especially cherries. You can open it, put the cherries in, but then if you turn it upside down, they don’t fall out. No sealing at all takes place. No machine is required. No zipper is required. No sell-by date is required. Then – you can turn it back the right way and simply put your hand in and take a cherry out – magic!"

Promens Packaging (stand A14) will be showcasing Ecolution to the Lions, a first green airless dispensing system. Ecolution™ cuts down on carbon dioxide emissions and is more easily recyclable than traditional piston based airless packages. Made entirely out of plastic, polypropylene and polyethylene, it is totally recyclable.

The other two companies looking to take part are Neopac the Tube (stand C15) with PolydoseTM an airless tube suitable for cosmetics and pharma products. Capable of make-up dispensing at every angle, it offers a smart, convenient design that is ideal for high-quality cosmetic packaging.

And Finally, The Packaging Arena (Stand G35) hope to dazzle the judges with Tobii Eye Tracking Glasses. Taking in account that at least 50% of all product launches fail; up to 60% of our choices are based on packaging; that 60-80% of purchase decisions are made ‘in store’ , it follows that a piece of packaging has on average 2-3 seconds to convince the buyer. These facts demonstrate to brand owners and retailers the importance of ‘seeing through the eyes of the consumer’ when carrying out research.

The Lions’ Lair contest will be taking place on both the 16th and 17th February 2011 at 1pm. Two companies overall will be awarded with the Lions Lair accolade, one from each day, with the results being announced at 2pm after each session.

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