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EasyFairs launches print innovations incorporating print for packaging

Building on the success of its PRINT FOR PACKAGING zone as a focus area within the highly successful Packing innovations event, easyFairs is launching Print innovations – a trade show for end users and buyers of all print products.

easyFairs introduced the Print for packaging zone in 2010 to showcase print solutions aimed at achieving quick turnaround on-shelf brand differentiation and accelerating time to market. Having seen huge interest from the print industry for the show, most notably from the digital sector – and with the packaging industry far more dependent upon the power of print than the commercial sector – easyFairs is expanding the concept in 2012 to include all aspects of print and processes: from pre-press systems and software, equipment, quality control and inspection systems, post-press and finishing, to prototyping, MIS & ERP software, cross media, consumables and direct marketing solutions and consultancy.

The new show concept will continue to be co-located with Packaging innovations, ECOPACK, PACKTECH and CONTRACT PACK, which attracts thousands of marketing and brand managers, searching for innovative solutions to their packaging – and print – needs. As over two-thirds of the UK’s annual £10 billion packaging production is printed, it is no surprise that for well over half of the 4500-plus visitors attending the event each year, right at the top of their wish list is finding better, faster, more imaginative and less expensive ways of using text and graphics to create competitive edge. The show’s unique visitor attendance of brand managers, retailers, marketers and creative designers is more reliant upon print than any other communications medium towards achieving on-shelf differentiation by standing out from the rest of the pack.

Major manufacturers within this sector are already exhibiting within the Print innovations show, including Kodak, Xerox Europe, Agfa Graphics, Impression Technology Europe, EskoArtwork, Miller Graphics Corniche and Punch Graphics, all of which are very positive about the move to expand the concept to encompass the complete print industry.

"The packaging industry is a key area of focus for our business, and we place great value on being able to meet marketing managers and brand managers in a face-to-face environment at the easyFairs’ Packaging event. The extension into Print innovations will therefore enable us to start up important conversations with the right sort of people right across the print buying industry, which ultimately will deliver us valuable business. This is an important show in our calendar and we look forward to another great year with easyFairs," stated Kevin O’Donnell, Marketing Manager – Packaging for Xerox Europe

"Print innovations brings together the perspectives of ‘thinkers and doers’. It provides a forum for cooperation, sharing of skills and experiences, for gaining inspiration and for discovering new and innovative ways of working," said Alan Brown, Group Business Director for Miller Graphics Corniche. "The event will allow us to better connect with other members of the packaging community and to demonstrate how we as contributors to the packaging development process can help to enhance quality, deliver consistency and to drive efficiencies."

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