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Eaton presents DYNAMAX EC850 new Multi-Spiral reinforced hose for 500 bar operating pressures

, . is a 6 wire layers construction to achieve the high working pressure.

The DYNAMAX EC850 hose was designed with a new generation of inner tube material that enables this hose to achieve significantly increased service life while meeting the requirements of the REACH regulation. It was also qualified with a safety factor of a 4:1 burst pressure, and meets a class 0 leakage in accordance with SAE J1176.

For the DYNAMAX EC850 hose, Eaton offers a complete range of hose fittings and adapters in sizes -10 (DN16) through -20 (DN31). In addition to the standard code 62 fitting style, Eaton also offers the DKO S range that achieves pressures up to 500 bar (7,250 psi). The fittings are offered with chrome III plating as the standard, and optional corrosion-resistance plating.

The DYNAMAX EC850 hose and hose fittings were designed for the following applications; hydrostatic drive systems, direct drive steering systems, and other applications requiring extremely high pressures with excellent flexibility for ease of installation. Kristin Fiolka, Eaton European Product Manager: "During development, the main objective was that there should not be any compromise in the ease of installation by the end user. For three of the four hose sizes, a light flexible design with four spiral wire reinforcement layers was developed. Only the -20 (DN31) size was designed with six wire reinforcement layers. Flexibility is a distinct advantage of the DYNAMAX EC850 hose."

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