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EcoHaulage Ltd to link not only haulage companies, but also freight forwarders and commercial businesses, across the UK

EcoHaulage Ltd is an upcoming, advanced online service designed specifically for the transport industry with a view to becoming the leading transport exchange in the country.

Unlike most other organisations in play at present, EcoHaulage Ltd aim to link not only haulage companies, but also freight forwarders and commercial businesses, across the UK to create an intrinsic network – increasing revenue and efficiency by making use of stationary vehicles and empty back loads. This will clearly better utilise the resources already available and saving huge amounts of CO2 each year. The result being a much-needed more efficient and allied transport industry saving time, money and, more critically, CO2 emissions.

The newly initiated state-of-the art exchange website uniquely allows subscribers to calculate, monitor and display their level of emissions -something which is sure to be a big draw for blue chip companies and other eco-conscious businesses when choosing a transporter.

EcoHaulage Ltd are working closely with the Department for Transport and DVLA with the environmental impacts of the industry in mind. They are also currently working on a new section of their website to help and advise companies on how they can continue to work on reducing emissions and keep in line with the ever-increasing legislation and rules now in place.

In the current climate, the haulage and transport industry is in desperate need of an overhaul in the way it uses resources. Exchange companies are now working together and identifying ways to merge the field, but EcoHaulage Ltd aims to drive a massive shift in its attitude towards the environmental and commercial factors that are detrimental to the sustainability of the industry as a whole.

The aim of EcoHaulage Ltd is to not only educate on those factors, but to help aid the growth of the future of the industry in a more eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible way. The secondary objective of the company is to increase revenue for the already-struggling businesses and to transform the way they work, leading to a more productive and efficient industry.

The EcoHaulage Ltd site is designed for all haulage and transport businesses in the hope of evolving the way the industry currently works and to encourage the use of modern technologies to combat the difficulties it faces in today’s climate.

The Department for Transport and the DVLA have shown great interest in this new project, as they have acknowledged a genuine and immediate need for a more transparent and synchronised network for all forms of transport businesses.

The website is now open to all haulage, freight forwarding and commercial companies and is free to sign up and use. Subscribers can post available jobs as well as advertise jobs required. Visit www.ecohaulage.com for more information.

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