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Economic downturn and increase in steel prices makes business case for forklift attachments even more compelling

Jayline Products – the independently-owned Cotswolds-based manufacturer of forklift truck attachments that reduce damage to both trucks and their loads – reports a sharp increase in demand for its products.

"In a recession any products that save money and provide a very rapid return on investment are particularly attractive," says Peter Kimberley, the company’s sales and marketing director. "There is no doubt that we have benefited from the greater emphasis that companies are placing on keeping business overheads to a minimum."

For example, sales of Jayline’s fork protectors – easily fitted cast steel ‘heels’ that cut out damage caused when a lift truck’s forks are dragged across the ground when picking up or moving a pallet – rose significantly in 2011.

"We expect demand for our fork protectors to maintain the upward trend of the past year," says Peter Kimberley.

"With the price of steel continuing to rise and forks imported from China not as cheap as they once where, it is likely to become increasingly expensive to replace a forklift truck’s forks when they become worn, making the business case for fitting fork protectors even more compelling."

Meanwhile orders for Jayline’s unique load cushions were up 60 per cent in 2011. The load cushions – rubber pads that fit to the mast of a lift truck to prevent a palletised load being damaged as it is picked up and put away in to racking – have brought significant cost savings and operational benefits for a number of high profile users.

"One of our clients eliminated stock damage losses of in excess of £80,000 a year by fitting our load cushions," says Peter Kimberley.

"In a time of recession it becomes ever more essential that companies operate lean supply chains and our products allow significant economies to be made," he adds.

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