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Ecotrak helps combat spiralling fuel costs with saving of up to 7%

CMS SupaTrak, the driving force behind vehicle tracking in the UK, has launched a new service to solve the problems of transport operators struggling to cope with spiralling fuel costs.

EcoTrak is an innovative solution that in addition to vehicle tracking also enables fleet operators to measure actual fuel usage and carbon emission on every journey.

Indeed companies using EcoTrak are already reporting average fuel savings of seven per cent since fitting the system.

And this is crucial as the cost of motoring has rocketed by up to 22 per cent in the last year, with drivers paying on average 11 per cent more now than in 2007.

Soaring petrol and insurance prices have been blamed for the rise, which has added around 6p-a-mile to the cost of driving.

EcoTrak has the ability to record and report a range of vehicle management parameters such as speed, mpg, engine load and driving style, which are all consolidated into an easy-to-read 'Dynamic League Table'.

This valuable information is collected by linking EcoTrak to the vehicle communication network using two standard protocols, one for cars and vans and one for trucks and buses.

With fuel costs continuing to rise and the issue of carbon footprints a hot topic, vehicle fleet managers can now accurately ascertain and control fuel consumption.

So drivers using more fuel than they should through poor driving can also help to cut down on their petrol or diesel consumption.

Improving driver behaviour alone, for instance, can save 7 per cent on fuel costs, but it has been almost impossible until now to record inefficient vehicle use in real time.

With EcoTrak, fleet managers have the potential to increase operational efficiency and the prospect of reducing vehicle running costs and off-road time.

Jason Airey, Managing Director CMS SupaTrak said: “At the moment, every penny counts when it comes to saving money on fuel prices.

“Our tracking system can help a driver work out exactly how much fuel they are using so that nothing is wasted and customers get the optimum distance out of their fuel.”

CMS SupaTrak is based in Cheney Manor, Swindon, Wiltshire.

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