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Eddie Stobart trucks make exhibition debut in a new photographic installation at London’s Cob Gallery

Images of the Eddie Stobart truck fleet will form an artistic exhibit for the first time this week, in a photographic installation by artist Dmitri Galitzine, named ‘Fleet’.

Part of Galitzine’s God Save the Village Green exhibition, ‘Fleet’ represents his first solo outing in London, and will run from 8 February to 16 March at Camden’s Cob Gallery. The exhibition attempts to reveal an overlooked England outside the country’s major cities.

In producing ‘Fleet’, Galitzine has collated an archive of over 3,000 photographs, all taken by the growing community of ‘Stobart Spotters’ haulage enthusiasts. ‘Spotters’ were invited to upload their photographs to a dedicated website and, in doing so, brought hundreds of members of this community together in collating a comprehensive archive of ‘the fleet of 2011’.

The photographs have all been printed and will be displayed in one immersive installation at the Cob Gallery from Friday this week.

Every Eddie Stobart truck has a unique female name emblazoned on the front and the company’s 20,000-strong Members Club travel nationwide to note their truck spots. Since 2010 the Eddie Stobart brand has further captivated the public with a hugely successful series of observational documentaries on Channel 5 attracting a whole new generation of ‘Stobart Spotters’.

Dimitri Galitzine said: "I was interested in understanding how a haulage company could captivate a nation. There is a romance attached to the Eddie Stobart brand that engages people from childhood."

Photo: Dimitri Galitzine’s ‘Fleet’ photographic installation.

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