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EDiA drives Mitsubishi forklift trucks into the final

The Mitsubishi EDiA EX 2.5 to 3.5 tonne electric counterbalance, a truck described as a “real game changer”, has taken pride of place on the shortlist for the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) Annual Awards for Excellence.

The FLTA’s awards committee – which scrutinizes entries – was particularly impressed by the unique Sensitive Drive System (SDS) on the Mitsubishi EDiA EX 2.5 to 3.5 tonne electric range.

Ensuring the ultimate in driveability, the SDS’ ground-breaking software allows the truck to sense – from the very first touch – exactly how a driver wishes to operate and then automatically adjusts the machine’s reactions and performance in tune with the individual operator’s input to suit the needs of the person and the application.

Unlike any competitor, the EDiA EX can be steered using just the front (drive) wheels, ensuring unmatched control on slippery surfaces.

Control is further enhanced by the Intelligent Cornering System (ICS) which anticipates all characteristics ahead of and throughout the turn for a smoother, safer and swifter cornering performance than any rival.

On hearing that the EDIA had been selected as Finalist in the Innovation category for the Fork Lift Truck Association Annual Awards for Excellence, Mike Jones of the manufacturer’s UK distribution partner said: “We are proud to see EDiA EX has made it through to the Pick of the Year. Its instinctive driveability, together with its impressive lifting capacity, compact size, incredibly agile steering and IP54 waterproof rating makes it a real game-changer. We hope people will vote for it in large numbers.”

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