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Edwards to demonstrate advanced vacum pump technologies at Achema

Edwards Stand B37 Hall 8 at Achema will feature live working demonstrations of Edwards’ leading vacuum pump technologies for chemical processing applications including the cutting-edge CXS chemical dry screw pump for high reliability in harsh conditions and the GXS high speed industrial pump. The new high performance nXDS dry scroll pump for laboratory applications will also be operational on the stand.

Visitors to the show will be able to experience just how impressively clean and quiet these powerful pump systems are in operation. The minimal levels of noise and vibration are indicative of their exceptional efficiency and reliability. Edwards applications experts will be on hand throughout to demonstrate aspects of the pumps’ performance and discuss detailed application requirements.

CXS is Edwards’ most advanced chemical dry pump featuring new tapered-screw technology for exceptional energy efficiency and performance. It offers high reliability, effluent-free pumping, even in the most difficult of harsh chemical and pharmaceutical processing applications.

The CXS pumps up to one litre of liquid per minute continuously or up to 25 litre-slugs without stopping, and provides an ultimate vacuum down to 10-2 mbar. It is available in two sizes, with capacities of 160 m3h-1 and 250 m3h-1.

GXS is a robust, high-speed industrial dry pump ideal for demanding applications that require rapid pumping of large gas volumes such as metallurgy processing, solar cell or glass coating, LED manufacture and load-lock applications for vacuum chamber evacuation. It can also maintain a low process pressure for extended periods, and features advanced temperature control and a long service interval. GXS offers pump speeds of up to 740 m3h-1 (or up to 3360 m3h-1 if combined with a booster pump), and achieves an ultimate vacuum of typically 5×10-4 mbar.

nXDS is the great new shape of high performance dry vacuum pumping. Edwards’ nXDS dry scroll pump sets a new standard for scientific pumping applications such as those found in laboratories for biotech research, pharmaceutical and high-energy physics. As visitors to the stand will be able to experience, it is very quiet in operation, simple to install, and importantly, nXDS is oil-free, so it is much easier and cleaner to use than traditional oil-sealed pumps.

There are four pump sizes available in the nXDS range, with speeds from 6 to 20 m3h-1 and ultimate vacuum into the 10-3 mbar region (depending on the model). Other key features include built-in intelligent control and communications options, a stand-by mode for reduced power consumption and a clever tip-seal design for extended maintenance periods.

Dr. Stephan Becker, general manager, marketing at Edwards says: "We understand the evolving challenges faced by our customers in the pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical and biotechnology sectors. That is why we have introduced three new class-leading vacuum pumps recently, all with better performance and more efficient operation than anything else on the market.

"The product demonstrations we have set up for Achema mean that visitors can fully explore how the latest dry vacuum technology can help make tangible improvements to their processes."

Also on display on Edwards Stand B37 Hall 8 at Achema will be Edwards’ nEXT turbopump, the new STPiXA magnetically levitated turbopumps with fully integrated onboard controller, and the low cost and compact T-Station 75 turbopumping station.

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