Hytera logistics and distribution two way radio communication product solutions

Efficient fleet management with the new TREK series from Advantech-DLoG

Reducing fleet costs while enhancing productivity: GPS-based fleet management solutions from Advantech-DLoG transmit real-time data on the vehicle, load, or shipment – securely and in an easy-to-understand format.

Only accurate monitoring of the driver and vehicle performance can really make sure a fleet is working economically, regardless of whether that fleet consists of trucks, vans, buses or trains, emergency vehicles or construction site vehicles. Advantech-DLoG presents the latest generation of in-vehicle PC’s in its extended TREK series. The TREK-722/723, TREK-668, and PWS-770 transmit vehicle data dynamically and enable versatile analysis options.

"Our telematics solutions keep an eye on everything that needs to be monitored," explains Sayed Maudodi, BDM / PSM Europe Fleet Management at Advantech-DLoG. Vehicle data such as mileage, wear, fuel consumption, or the driver’s driving style and practices can be documented and monitored in order to perform an economic analysis of vehicle use and reduce down time and operating expenses. Cargo can be tracked automatically, load planning and scheduling streamlined and real-time route adjustments via GPS made to enhance cost-effectiveness in using vehicles.

Key features of the new fleet management in-vehicle PC’s from Advantech-DLoG:

.Fail-safe: The vehicle MDT’s are extremely robust and durable and can stand up to tough environmental conditions.
. Future-proof: In-vehicle PCs are equipped with state-of-the-art components.
. Reliable communications: The mobile all-in-one in-vehicle PCs securely and dependably maintain the connection via WWAN (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA+), GPS and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth even in challenging environments.

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