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Efficient maintenance and repair

to Ramage Group's vehicle Fleet Services. Ramage Group has bucked industry trends by establishing a repair and maintenance subsidiary to cater for vehicles operating out of the company's Glespin headquarters in South Lanarkshire.

Situated 20 miles south of Hamilton, Glespin has excellent road links through the M74, but its rural setting makes outsourcing vehicle maintenance and repair more difficult. By creating its Fleet Services subsidiary, Ramage Group will control the cost of keeping its fleet on the road, while continuing to benefit from the Glespin location.

The subsidiary will also offer its services to other vehicle operators in the area, helping to generate new revenue streams, while also servicing the large number of hired vehicles that Ramage uses as part of its Glespin operation.

Neil Cunningham, managing director of Ramage Group said part of the contract for the hired vehicles used by the company meant Ramage Group was responsible for their maintenance. By paying a subsidiary rather than a third party to do the work, Mr Cunningham said the move would help generate efficiencies.

“It is cheaper, in the main, to outsource fleet repair and maintenance. However the location of Glespin makes this difficult. By setting up Fleet Services we keep the benefits provided by the excellent road links, keep our own costs down and have the opportunity to generate significant revenue from other vehicle operators in the area.”

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