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EGGER UK’s Weyroc is now less green, but more ‘greener’

Leading chipboard manufacturer EGGER UK Ltd has removed a green dye from the production of its moisture resistant Weyroc® flooring products – making them 'greener'!

The green dye was originally added to flooring boards, which are used extensively in the construction industry, to visually differentiate between standard P4 grade boards and the company's moisture resistant boards Weyroc® P5 and Weyroc® PCX. EGGER ceased production of P4 boards in 2004.

The removal of the green dye does not affect the performance of the boards in any way. Although they no longer have the visible green surface, they remain CE certified as complying with P5 grade and are clearly identified through their surface stamp and packaging.

EGGER UK has also consulted with the NHBC over the change and has been assured it will not cause an issue, as inspectors are required to not rely solely on the green surface for assurance of moisture resistant properties.

The tough tongue and groove boards each meet specific needs within the construction industry; Weyroc® P5 is a moisture resistant load-bearing chipboard, Weyroc® Protect is a BBA-approved product that is ideal for new build properties and Weyroc® PCX is ideal for refurbishment and renovation works.

EGGER's BBA-approved 'Rapid Deck' system has also fast become a favourite of the new-build sector. It combines Weyroc Protect with the specially formulated Weyroc® D4 Adhesive in an easy and quick floor laying system that can even be carried out in the rain.

EGGER UK marketing manager Nick McClughin said: “Customers have been contacted by letter explaining the change and a notice is also being included with Weyroc® packs for a short period.

“While the coloured paste was not classified as dangerous, its removal from the production process eliminates any environmental risk from disposal, burning or contamination of water courses.

“This makes the boards more environmentally sound, which fits in with the company's policy to adhere to the strict ecological regulations laid down by the wood processing industry.

“The credibility that Egger has achieved through its environmental measures is reflected throughout the company. Sound ecological principles will ensure our responsibility towards the environment throughout the 21st century.”

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