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Two joints give AL-VAC a positive advantage

Vacuum lifting equipment specialist AL-Vac’s new floor-mounted unit has two clear and significant advantages over its nearest rivals. It can rotate through 360 degrees and its lifting capacity is well beyond the standard 25kg required to handle conventional plastic and paper sacks used in many applications within UK process industries. …

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Powered platform puts eggs safely on board

A mobile powered platform from Transdek UK Ltd is enabling a single operative using a powered pallet truck (PPT) to load over 22,000 eggs on to delivery vehicles in just 30 minutes at a production site run by Deans Foods Ltd. The whole site is on one level, and the …

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Revolutionary heater/cooler bulk Container

The Bi–wall container is a revolutionary new product using patented technology. It will allow you to store or transport warm or cool liquids over several days with little loss of temperature. The twin walled polyethylene container is made as a single piece unit comprising an inner and outer wall with …

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