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Traction batteries power world’s fastest electric boat

The same batteries used in forklift trucks, from CMP Batteries, are the power behind a world speed record on 1st November that took place on Coniston Water, the lake where Donald Campbell crashed in his Bluebird K7. A team of boating experts smashed the world record for the fastest electric …

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Kardex Industriever, the proven solution for maximum density parts handling and retrieval

Robust vertical carousel system gives users the best possible combination of storage density and quick, ergonomic access Inventory access specialist Kardex has updated its popular and effective Industriever range of vertical carousel systems with the very latest integrated inventory management and access software. Capable of operating either as a central …

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Flexible product demands flexible handling

Designing a handling and assembly plant for 3m long washing machine hosing that remains flexible right up the packaging station presents obvious problems. A good deal of ingenuity therefore needed to be employed by the system designer and builder Heller Automation. To provide the necessary operational flexibility needed by this …

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